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  2. I donated a bit over $10 as TF2 items, but I didn't put my Steam ID or URL in there, since I was thinking I would just get the badge because my Steam profile is linked with scrap.tf. Is there any chance I'm gonna get the badges or do I need to donate again?
  3. Today
  4. You'll have to wait a while more, maybe even a month or two, especially with your high refreshing rate
  5. I have conected a few times a while ago to this page, maybe once a day but it started showing me this error message Oh my, an errorYou are refreshing this page too often! Please come back later.Please note: Since you were refreshing extremely often in the past (638/h), it may take a while until your quota will be low enough to access this page again.It has been maybe +140h since i visited that page, how can i fix this, how much do i have to wait.
  6. As the title suggests, I am here to expose a scammer This is the scammers steam Profile and Steam ID's steamID STEAM_0:0:501865358 steamID3 [U:1:1003730716] steamID64 76561198963996444 customURL GletchTheUnoriginalKirbyGuy https://steamcommunity.com/id/GletchTheUnoriginalKirbyGuy. I let my little cousin use my account to play, and when I had returned to using my profile I see he had met this guy, His account has Youtube videos explaining the process and the kicker is He claims you can get any item you want in TF2, and it is disguised as a Donation because apparently you get your items back (Which you do not) He leads you through this entire process and then has a Bot send a trade of most if not all your valuable items, and continues to try and act as if he isn't trying to scam you, I will leave screenshots of my stolen inventory, I don't expect to ever see it again, but I wish to spread awareness that this guy is 100% scamming people. As you can see, I had quite the expensive backpack, lost because of this guy, and me making the mistake of trusting my younger cousin, so I ask you to please spread awareness as far as you can, and unlike me, keep your backpacks safe! Until next time
  7. I hate this radio silence, please do something staff @Luki @3xlneet #ScrapTF @ZakMcRofl (I choose the 3 staff people that were online recently). Or atleast tell me whats causing problems. It cant be that there are over 50 views on this appeal, but no one ever commented anything. I hate to be annoying, but its far more annoying being ignored by staff thats supposed to help you.
  8. Hello. I'm trying to trade a killstreak kit, but everytime I receive this error: When this does not happen, the system remains without sending any exchange requests. I tested the two bots and both have problem. This has been happening for several days.
  9. The auction either hit it's instant-buy price, or your local device time might be off ( you can check this at https://time.is )
  10. Auction ended four minutes and 34+- seconds earlier. How fix it?
  11. Frey

    pending Paid auction

    Nevermind, it eventually registered. Sorry!
  12. I'll keep it short. Won an auction, finished the bid, but it still says i have a pending payment. i tried pressing the finish bid button again, and as you can guess, it doesn't work. Just don't want to get banned for this.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Sorta, issue with that is you can't share it with others & it shows all auctions instead of currently running auctions along with lacking any form of organisational features
  15. Like https://scrap.tf/auctions/mine?
  16. This could cause an auction to become endless so i doubt it'd be implemented
  17. This would function similarly or alternatively alongside the my store page found on marketplace.tf showing users the currently running auctions you have active alongside basic sorting abilities such as; current bid price, marketplace.tf value & backpack.tf value This is more of a traders thing for those outside of scrap.tf who want to draw more attention to their auctions allowing them to instead of individually sending a user their current auctions they could instead redirect them to that page. Doesn't have to be as complex as i listed would just be a nice feature in general. Thanks~
  18. Hello? Please unban me @3xlneet #ScrapTF
  19. When I try to buy mvm parts, it's says "Trade was empty. This likely means you offered items that were overstocked, or that you can't afford what you attempted to purchase." and i don't understeand why because I can pay the parts. PLS HELP
  20. I didn't know that was possible. I looked for "killstreak" instead of "kit". Thanks!
  21. Last week
  22. I submitted a bug report on May ~27th and it got ignored. I commented in the same thread some hours ago and now it's deleted. Why?
  23. Also please reply to this topic, I dont like it when staff goes silent, I saw the other appeals with no replies in serveral months
  24. Also the entire enemy team and even my team spawncamped me (my team held doors open) and they were just all spawncamping, and thats really not fun. Idk if spawncamping is forbidden but it really should be.
  25. I got perma banned from server 3 for cheating, even though Im not cheating. STEAM_0:1:218981270 There was some guy that really hated me and claiming that I'm cheating. Also I had 100 + ping on the server so I guess people thought it was because of this? Please unban, I'm really not hacking
  26. link does not work, go to search and just paste this at the end of bar. https://scrap.tf/search #1|6523,440,0|6526,440,0|6527,440,0
  27. go to search bar, type kit. 3 kits are available pick each of them to get basic-spec or prof one. then change the searching area to auctions. you can find the kits that are being auctioned. https://scrap.tf/search#1|6523,440,0|6526,440,0|6527,440,0
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