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  4. Just checked on site, and too my pleasant surprise, keys have gone up too 53.11 refined metal per buy! Yippee, this means I won't have too scramble for an item of equivalent value. What are your thoughts on the matter, are you excited about price inflation, or upset? Let me know below.👇 Truely, a christmas B L E S S I N G.
  5. That sounds like a good idea. If a ban was made by mistake then the ban is lifted and the raffles would be back, meaning that a live (yet hidden) raffle is in a pending state. Otherwise if there was no mistake, close the live raffles so people are not winning raffles that nobody else could have entered right after the ban took place. This may result in people still winning raffles from banned users if the mistake isn't resolved within the raffle's duration, however generally speaking that could be a rare occurrence which is better than nothing at all. I hope doing this doesn't take a whole lot of work though.
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  7. This was just to make things easier, when a user is banned all of their raffles are hidden so we don't have to check if they have any going and we don't miss any. They're not auto-closed because mistakes can happen when banning. We could combine them and also manually close raffles that we know are running.
  8. -There really isn't a "just ignore them" mentality or anything, as you said you can report them and even delete their comments, if they don't learn, then another report would ensure that they get banned for keeping that attitude. -As you said, it'd also be used improperly and could lead to drama about who has X user blocked and such. -The system you propose sounds pretty much like just regular reports and would give similar results, difference being a Report gets people banned from the site, whereas a Block would make it so the user in question doesn't interact with You and they could very well just change "targets"
  9. I'm sure everyone has been there at some point: you're trying to run an auction or just discuss something with someone, then they appear. Out of nowhere, some sour lemon pops out and starts harassing you and, in the case of auctions, actually scares away potential bidders. No matter what we do, we normal users can't stop spammers and their ilk, which begs the question: "Why not just let us block them?" Though I'm taking a bit of a risk in assuming this given what usually happens to communities for free games, I'm sure most users of the site aren't actually children, meaning the majority of us can't just "ignore it until it goes away". Sure, it might be okay if it's just spam or meaningless vitriol, since we have the ability to delete comments quickly and report the user when they get out of hand, but reporting doesn't always work because of the aforementioned "ignore it" "solution" given in all but the most severe cases. In these more severe cases, however, when reporting still isn't enough and the offending user is actually starting to hurt an auction or poison a comment section, which is where a "Block User" button added to the profile page would come in handy. Naturally, much like how staff comments can't be deleted, this feature would exclude the profiles of staff members from being blockable. As always it isn't lost on me how this might be used for less than honest means, like the hyper-sensitive types who can't actually handle words on a screen who would just end up blocking everyone they deem "toxic" (Which itself is a term that really should not be taken seriously but that's a topic for another post tirade), so I would also suggest making this system similar to reporting users in that a user submits a block request/ticket along with a reason, and a staff member would read it over and deem if it's a valid reason to block someone or not, as well as taking the user's block history into consideration when approving or denying a block request. If/when accepted, the blocked user will be unable to leave comments on the user's profile, auctions, and raffles, either on a timer that goes from hours to years depending on the severity and/or how long they specify in said request. Basically, I'm suggesting something that so many different types of sites have, including Steam itself, that I believe Scrap.TF is sorely lacking and that would make it a more friendly place for all involved. (Because I lack the artistic skill to actually draw up the specific icon i had in mind, I'll just try to describe it here. Situated next to the "Report User" button would be a yellow button, equally eye-catching but different enough that even users that aren't quite as quick as other can differentiate, bearing a crossed out circle that says "Block User" that would send them to a form similar to the report form where they can specify a reason why they don't want the user to communicate with them.) I genuinely hope this doesn't end up in suggestion limbo like my last one, and I hope someone can actually make sense of my rambling wall of text enough that it can get a proper judgement. Thank you for your time..
  10. This is continuing to be what is essentially turning (potentially) any raffle into a delayed flash raffle. ("Delayed" because the raffle duration is still going to run out but "flash" because nobody can enter or leave after the raffler's ban.) Any user that has created a raffle that was intended to be (for example) 24 hours long and a high entry limit is disregarded completely when/if they break a rule somewhere on the site (whether it's because of the raffle or not). This has happened before and was suggested before and fixed as well (but in the puzzle section). What happened was that the people were entering the puzzles (that were intended to have a long duration) quickly/early and if a raffler broke a rule on their puzzle, the early entrants still won the items. After this suggestion back in 2017, Jesse agreed that if the raffler breaks a rule, the items should be returned and that's how it's usually been since then.
  11. The idea i have in mind is a "timezone selector" This option would allow you to start the raffle at a certain time within someone else's timezone, for example i want to make a private raffle for someone, and i want it to start at 5 pm for THEM, this will make it easier, as i don't have to manually go and check their time, to then adjust mine so it lines up with THEIRS, like i don't have to add or subtract "x" hours to my current time. i don't know if it's clear, it's kinda hard to explain :blobsweats:
  12. Seems easy to program, so here are it's benefits: More information on screen (Wow!) Don't miss out on raffles because you were buisy choosing in a polls; enter the flash raffle, then choose in the poll Assurrence that you can take your time and read through the other raffles. I can already see some problems with it though: What exactly is "few" entries? 100? 50? 500? It makes small raffles seem more important People might skim through the small raffles, and only then take their time to read through the big ones
  13. I'd rather implement systems to prevent things like this instead of relying on reports and a mod to manually warn a person to not do this. Something like changing the minimum item factor higher would be a better option.
  14. The issue is that scrap.tf does not have any consolidation system like marketplace has, so you can only do a trade with one bot at a time. That's a large and complex project so we don't know if we'll be adding it yet.
  15. It's not possible atm, but you can just go to: https://scrap.tf/cards/36 and search there, you can search for name of the game or name of the card.
  16. I would really to be able to search cards like other items in in right up corner search bar. Is that possible?
  17. Hello. I'm just wondering. Is it even possible these days to find deals or make profit trading? It seems with so many bots and the prices set it's near impossible to get over pay. Just wonder to know if it's even still possible to "buy low and sell high" if the prices are set?
  18. I'd really like to be able to sell my Dueling Mini-Game tools seeing as I don't have any reason to use them. They aren't untradeable or unmarketable, and I see that they do have a price on backpack.tf which shows they can range from 0.55-0.66 ref; although a small return for selling them, I would still prefer to get some use out of an item by selling them if i don't want it.
  19. Soo I got some kind of bug cuz I can't withdraw my items from site inventory I don't know what's happening I have this problem for like 3 or 4 days (I have only information ,,Preparing your trade")
  20. Would probably just be too complicated with the amount if items and variations that exist. Could take too long as Auctioneer to search through all the possible items that people might bid and you don't want. And you'd also have to take variables in consideration, what if the item has multiple qualities and each is worth a different amount? What if the items have added extras (paint, strange parts, ks, spells)? Would you be willing to miss on them even if they'd result in a nice profit for you?
  21. Could we have a feature that allows auction creators to blacklist certain cosmetics or weapons from our auctions? For example, I had one of those auctions where it is a 50% IF key and people sell their items to you, and this guy bids a 2.6 ref dadliest catch and a 60 ref buzz killer. I have a keen disliking for this hat, and I would much rather have gotten the strange excorsizor bidded by another user. It would make my life just that much easier instead of having to watch for people trying to snipe my auctions with buzz killers.
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  23. Could be easily abused, Auctioneers could just make it so every bid must be worth at least twice as much as the one before in order to get as much profit as possible.
  24. Right so I was just doing normal f2p stuff on a 2fort server when someone informed me of scrap I rushed to the site logged in with my steam and immediately tried to buy the gunslinger and detonator, I of course couldn't because I had to set up my mobile authenticator, I tried again but no confirmation request came to my steam account, I then waited a week and tried again however this time it kept saying that the trade failed, as I'm trading with scrap I checked to see if my scrap was tradable, it was however it still kept failing, is there a way to sort this out?
  25. would scrap.tf/backpack.tf/etc.. get brave/BAT verify in the future. It a great alternative way to donate to the site.
  26. Could be a problem for lower valued items, though it would be nice if instead of having to select all the items again it would save which items you bid last time, so you could just add or swap an item instead of having to search through your entire inventory again
  27. If there would be implemented it would be something like "select all the items from the bot" instead, since items in diferent bots can't be claimmed at the same trade but still way better than clicking individual items.
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