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  2. Due to the recent Botpocolypse exploit, a new trade item quantity cap has been imposed.
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  4. The scrap.tf group says that trading works now, but it's still limited to 20 items. Can anyone explain?
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  7. Went to the auctions page and saw that bids were disabled for the time being, and this question struck my mind - since bids are currently disabled, will the items with bids placed on them actually sell for that much (e.g. a no-min unusual auction whose current bid is only a handful of keys but unable to be raised), or will sellers be able to withdraw their items without a significant loss? I'm under the assumption that sellers would still be able to reject current bids in order to solve this issue. I don't have any auctions up right now, so the only thing I've been able to do is speculate. I'm just worried on behalf of the people who had made auctions before the disabling of bids who would otherwise not check on their auctions before they ended, but I digress.
  8. Since Trading is temporarily disabled, can you at least pause the Auction Timers since I am unable to finish my bid
  9. Yes, true. Although Backpack. tf still has them listed on the front page next to keys like they are tracking its value still. I was under the impression they are used more in unusual trading but I may be wrong.
  10. Nishiki, Nishiki, Nishiki, let's go!

  11. This is true for Scrap Metal, Reclaimed Metal, Refined Metal, and Keys. However, Earbuds are items even though they are sort of considered currency.
  12. Specialized kits sold at no-min auctions usually go for atleast 45 refined and often go for about 55 refined at final bid.
  13. I am suggesting adding filters of Game name -> Card name -> Card cost instead of the default tf2 related filters \\ thank you
  14. One of the best fictional characters I've ever seen.
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  16. Dunno who this guy is but he looks like a fairly polite gentleman, verified 8/10 of a human being
  17. for example, if i can buy a hat for 4.88 ref, and sell it for 3.77 ref, then what correlation is there between the two different prices? is it percentage based, or is it set custom for everything, or something else? i want to know mainly because i want to figure out how much spec ks kits sell for compared to their price, before i craft one.
  18. Today is Majima day

  19. Not sure, but I think it is that way, because it not only disables commenting but also hides all the comments. Kinda wonder why these 2 functions are controlled by 1 checkbox instead of being separate.
  20. I have always wondered why when you disable comments on your profile, the user that disabled the comments, is also included
  21. Hearty for everyone

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