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  2. It isn't really a bug, it's just that the browsers used in said devices are not really compatible with certain functions, libraries, code, etc. from our site due to how old and/or limited said devices are. I'll still leave your ticket open in case Jesse wants to work on some sort of compatibility for said browsers.
  3. Hello ScrapTF Staff It has come to my attention, that i'm unable to make a raffle using my Wii U, DSi and 3DS. I am quite unsure why I can't make a raffle on these amazing devices. But I simply cannot click the "Make a public raffle" button, using those devices. Whenever I click the "Make a public raffle" button, nothing happens, same with the other options for making a raffle. I tried making a raffle from my PC / Android phone, and then going into my Wii U / DSi / 3DS to edit the raffle. But unfortunately i'm unable to do that aswell. It would be totally cool if you fixed this major bug for Wii U, DSi and 3DS users Thanks for reading Cheers! - Mint Egg (Zippo)
  4. Right good point. What about adding a time limit? Jigidi puzzles should be solvable on first try by at most 1 hr total (by total I mean if there were chains it should all be solved within the 1 hr time limit) I might have less say in this since I've only just returned but I dont mind the ban. Although, the occasional jigidi of at most 200 pcs is relaxing since its straightforward.
  5. 90% of the users who make Jigidi don't read the rules. People struggle to put the main message, entered message, and solution in the right tab when creating a puzzle, so you can't reasonably expect them to follow that procedure to make a jigsaw puzzle.
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  7. I keep trying to withdraw my 1 item from my site inventory but I can't. Is this the reason also why I can't make trades with the site. I need some help on this topic.
  8. What about just making jigidi raffles a hassle to make like in the solution they need to list all jigidi links in order (if there are multiple), they need screencaps of each puzzle solved with time and with message eg. like the pics below (they could put it in an imgur album but it must be labeled for what jigidi puzzle), then after that also add a copy pastable text of the message be it pastebin links or just pasted there. the problem though would be that it would be hard to tell and suddenly require everyone to do this
  9. Maybe not having them in the puzzle section perhaps. I am indifferent if they stay or go. So I will go with what the majority says. I don't know how this supposed rule would apply to public invites into private raffle chains that may contain them but that may go by what is considered as a private raffle. I think more opinions are needed. I'm sure most will say "ban the jigsaws that have an overly large amount of pieces" however if all jigsaws are tedious to moderate by staff then ultimately it's their choice.
  10. I personally wouldn't mind if they were banned. It is so easy to make the puzzle take forever, meaning people WILL waste time solving it to see if the puzzle is even solvable. It's not fun, and the utter disappointment of having the password you get (if there even is one) be incorrect, most likely due to the raffler's incompetence, is extremely painful.
  11. I don't think anybody would really miss them if they were banned, they don't add anything to the puzzle section. They should be fine if linked in a private raffle, or wherever puzzle rules don't stand. Maybe an alternative solution to my leaderboards suggestion would be to put a pieces limit and a consecutive number of jigsaw puzzles chained together limit, in order to act not only about Jigidi.com, but jigsaw puzzles in general. Trying to meet the needs of any jigsaw lover, if there really are any, with this alternative suggestion, but I'd be totally ok for a complete ban of jigsaws from the puzzle section.
  12. May I Just Say


    You useless piece of shit. You absolute waste of space and air. You uneducated, ignorant, idiotic dumb swine, you’re an absolute embarrassment to humanity and all life as a whole. The magnitude of your failure just now is so indescribably massive that one hundred years into the future your name will be used as moniker of evil for heretics. Even if all of humanity put together their collective intelligence there is no conceivable way they could have thought up a way to fuck up on the unimaginable scale you just did. When the Goddess died for our sins, she must not have seen the sac religious act we just witnessed you performing, because if he did he would have forsaken humanity long ago so that your birth may have never become reality. 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  13. Last week
  14. Whenever the creator of the auction rejects the highest bid and it goes back to the lower one, it should notify the person below. ex: If A bids on my auction 1 key and B outbids him with 2 keys in items and I for some reason dont want B's items so I reject his bid, A should get notified that his bid is back to being the highest. This would help.
  15. I asked the same thing last time but how do you all feel about banning Jigidi and jigsaw puzzles in general? We're all for it since it's just a big annoyance trying to decide if they can be reasonably solved.
  16. That would qualify the puzzle as unsolvable, and it would be closed. Jesse already asked "the puzzlers" in a forum thread if it was the case of completely ban jigidis once, so it wouldn't be so odd imo
  17. Perhaps Yeah, I think the user should link all their jigidi URL's in the solution section so that mods can skip ahead and check if the rest of the jigsaws are solved too. Anyways, jigidi (and by extension, itstoohard.com) are some nice websites but they are external and don't seem to be affiliated with scrap.tf so it would be interesting or (maybe even odd) for scrap.tf to acknowledge it as an additional official rule. I guess multiple jigsaw links comes down to how scrap.tf places strong emphasis that the solution box must explain everything and not just "put together all the pieces and you get another jigsaw link lol". People have been writing the answers for their itstoohard.com quiz in the solution box too which is nice, but not everybody has (or realises that they probably should). Edit: I think they should also make sure that they solve their jigidi in a reasonable time. Someone shouldn't post an overly large jigsaw that they solved themselves and it took several hours but the time they allocated for the puzzle raffle was only an hour and/or had limited entries.
  18. The puzzle section is flooded by Jigidi puzzles. Nobody likes them, but everybody is doing them. There's no assurance that after one jigidi there isn't a link to another jigidi. My suggestion is: require people to solve their jigidi before asking for people to solve them. Their name will show up in the leader-board as a proof of that. This should help mods too, since wouldn't they be required to solve a jigidi themselves when one of these puzzles gets reported?
  19. Selling for 15 refined, do you think i can sell higher or lower?
  20. It's not scamming and there's nothing to fix. The prices of those taunts are 1 year old. If you look at their classifieds you'll get a better idea of their actual price (i.e. the Yeti Punch, people are selling for 3.6 keys and buying for 2.6 keys) And that's without mentioning that obviously scrap isn't going to pay full price for unusuals, they buy at a certain discount because if they paid full price then people would just exploit the bots and leave them with overpriced unusuals that people are never going to buy.
  21. This is what I saw when looking at what I can sell and this is outrageous! This price range is insane and anyone who isn’t good at trading can be scammed by this! This NEEDS to be fixed!
  22. Filter for auctions containing unusuals, stranges, and the sort. It is really frustrating to look through pages of scrap and ref auctions just too find unusual auctions
  23. I don't really think there's much of an issue for having repetitive auctions for users and the site itself. As Gaia mention earlier on expensive items. Example like Unusual are more likely not to get bid on. I also think that people wouldn't want their auction longer than 1 day, in case if it never got bid. So that they are able to re-auction the next day with a better pricing or perhaps find an alternative way to sell it. Would you rather take the chance of creating an auction that last 4 days that may gets no bids? Or only able to auction it for a day and have to wait again for 2 days just to re-auction with a better price. As they say "Time is money" The answer is probably neither. I personally think the way it works right now is okay. Not to mention, the coding time that is needed on this... Can you also further explain how it "allow the users to use the site more effectively"? As myself cannot see it. If what you meant by is "bad" repetitive auction, you can't really stop it. I felt that this would likely cause more problems rather than decreasing it.
  24. That'd just be a bit of a "screw you" to people who have expensive/rare items. Also as much as I'd like it to make people use Auctions properly, this won't really do that, there still will be bad auctions.
  25. I believe scrap.tf should implement a 2 day cooldown (more or less) for items that were not bid on. This way there will be a lot less repetitive auctions in the list and allows users to use the site more effectively.
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