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  2. This website needs more card trade bot , i waited like 2 day for a trade and this bot never send me a trade offer. i m still waiting for a trade offer i already cancel it too many times just because maybe it stuck or have a problem and already waited like 2 or 3 hours without canceling trade . i don't know maybe this bot have a problem or just busy but you guys need do something about this problem pls add more card trade bots or how can i solve this problem
  3. Reach for the top, gotta stay on the mountain, nuthin' bad that could get much worse~

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  5. i think it would be great if there is a way to hide these items.
  6. I think this was intended, as there was a lot of commotion within the community about having a blue scarf after all of the other scarf colours were introduced.
  7. Preparing offer especially with Scrapty Five really takes long time. It would be helpful if you could implement showing how much users are in queue before me or estimated time remaining for offer to be prepared in trade popup. Thanks.
  8. Last week
  9. not sure if this was just something that was overlooked or if this is intended, but the blue scarf's description in your collection is just !!!!
  10. They actually removed the button a long time ago because, iirc, there were problems with it. You should be declining your trades by going directly into the Steam trade window and hitting "Decline Trade" at the bottom.
  11. I have encountered many problems where I pay with metal instead of weapons, realising my backpack is full, and having to WAIT for the queue to cancel my order when I should be able to hit a button to cancel it myself. Please add a cancel button to the banking accept "order is ready popup". It will make things much easier, and I am surprised that a cancel button isn't part of the base trade window. Add a button between the Trade Offer and help buttons please.
  12. When on the main site hitting the manage cookie settings at the bottom does nothing
  13. You're able to sort public auctions by time left. I wouldn't see why letting users sort their auctions by time left would be harmful at all. It seems like something that would only make trading for users easier. I have 10+ unfinished auctions at times, and it can be annoying forgetting about a good auction because I didn't realize that the auction was about to end. Having a sort by time left option for joined raffles would make sure that I don't forget about any raffles that might end soon.
  14. Here are a couple of ideas me and m10m10(frequent chat user) came up with to improve the chat experience for many users. Timeout: Disabling the user from sending messages in a room. A better replacement to Gag, as gagging a user sometimes causes more spam than (possibly) stops it, and to actually silence someone. Co-owner / SR mod: A higher ranked room mod, preferably let the owner choose the SR mod /co-owner powers. User Nicknames: Allow users to change their name in a private room. Only said user can change their name and their nickname only stays in 1 room. Pre-recorded messages: Allow users to queue messages for anyone that is offline. Only in private rooms and have a option to be seen privately or by the whole room.
  15. This happened recently on an auction I had posted [https://scrap.tf/auctions/CITSAE] There we two people currently having a bidding war, one of them [Person 1] bids exactly 2 keys 20 refined which was the instant-bid I had placed on my auction. I expected the auction to end Immediately but it didn't, the timer didn't stop and the auction didn't end. It instead keeps ticking on until he was outbid by [Person 2] who bid 2 keys 22 refined to which the timer stopped and the auction ended causing [Person] to lose. I've seen this happen to me a couple of times and luckily I didn't get outbid. It can't have been the maintenance that's happening today because this has happened to me way before that. If this is a bug this needs to be fixed fast to ensure no-one loses unfairly to an auction because of this. P.S. Scrap.tf admins, if you read this can you please tell Jesse that he accidentally spelled ''maintence' 'instead of 'maintenance' on his comment he posted today. Thank you. -NATO THE TORNADO

    Recently i found your topic about "chat Junkbox"

    Sorry if it sounds i dont know anything but... Is it an actual Scra.tf service?

    Or is it just an idea (proyect) of Implementing this function?

     Thank you for your attention :3


  17. *Polar


    Actually I agree with you, mostlikely on raffles that has more that 3 items and cannot see what other things does the raffler raffling (sorry for that) . However thinking on the trades pages (big inventories) it would be hard to see all of them anyway. Conclusion : Thinking of an idea of a mobile phone adaptation would be a big project.
  18. The idea of the homepage of "raffle" is that the user could see what other people are raffling and what are the topic they are going to talk (see the tittle). More of efficiency is about the raffle content people and ethich. Anyway, i would agree if i had used "raffle" section as a method of winning and getting chances to get something bigger. Have a good day pals :3
  19. I literally can't trade anything besides tf2 items. If i try to trade steam cards or cs go skins to the bots it will put me in a "preparing your trade" window forever
  20. Its kinda irritating trying to sell stuff to the csgo bot as it seems it's always full and even when there's one space in its inventory it just work so i think there needs to be another bot.
  21. I sold the wrong item on marketplace.tf, which held sentimental value to me. I want to find the user who bought it so I can buy it back.
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  23. Currently, when you buy weapons from weapon banking, and use the "hide items that i have", it only hides weapons that you own as unique quality. I have strange quik-fix, and skin reacue ranger, but when i hide items that i own, it doesn't hide the quik-fix or rescue rangers. It would be good if it would hide all the items that i own but in difrent quality.
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