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  2. I have coupons for Swag and Sorcery Pathologic 2 and I was wondering if I can sell them on scrap.tf
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  4. It somewhat is, as cached prices are being shown. Geel is already aware of this issue, and we are still waiting for him to fix it someday.
  5. In addition to the normal method of entering a raffle, I think it would be cool if answering the poll built into a raffle would also enter the user into that same raffle. I think this would be a good way to increase user participation. A lot of times it is easy to simply completely skip the poll and just go for the enter button. I am not saying this as a way to avoid pressing the enter button nor as a way to try and force poll participation (which would probably backfire) but rather as a way to possibly increase engagement within the community. For the case in which the poll has already been answered then of course the raffle would have to be entered normally. Note that this is substantially different from this idea: which tries to force users to go through the poll in order to enter at all. What I am saying is that if users do choose to enter the poll, it could potentially also enter them into the raffle on the same page. Those who do not wish to participate in the poll should remain free to do so.
  6. How about tboi:rebirth (The binding of Isaac: Rebirth)? Probably with the dlc afterbirth (and afterbirth+ [{pretty}please])
  7. I was updating my profile description to add a Google doc of raffle series I made, but then I went back to the settings to add "and tip milestones." Doing this reset the color, so I went back again and added the BBCode for color, saved it, and the entire section in the settings was wiped clean! Not only that, but it's in a new font and I can't use any formatting tools. Color doesn't work, and trying to use it only breaks that as well. I've refreshed the settings page multiple times, but it's still like this. I've tried copy-pasting everything from the description, only for it to have a pink highlight for some reason and the formatting tools are still broken. Should I try re-writing the entire thing from scratch in BBCode? I'm afraid It'll mess it up even worse. Is this intentional, or did I run into some crazy glitch? I guess I'll keep that little BBCode in the description.
  8. No, I don't mean edit the "Step-By-Step Solution" when doing the puzzle, I mean after. Sometimes when we end making a puzzle maybe we forgot to say something on the hints or made a mistake with the code when using bold or other BBC codes. This can't be edited when pressing the "Edit" button, you can edit the password and message, but not the "Step by step" part, and probably canceling it and making it by zero or explaining something in the comments or asking a staff member can take more time than the expected. So, if there isn't any problem, I would like to suggest the option to edit the "Step by step" of a puzzle raffle when the user already created it with a new raffle URL. Thanks!
  9. It's nothing close to 1-10, so I'm guessing not much, but I still want to know. https://backpack.tf/item/428042424
  10. CharZar


    Someone was offering to buy my unusuals, and asked for me to deposit my items to scrap.tf to get an updated price check, I did as they said since I never have used this site before, since I was looking to sell them, and after doing as he said and trading my items to the bot he removed and blocked me from his friends list and I can't get my unusuals back, can someone help me out in anyway?
  11. add Duck Game thanks Nevermind i'm dumb
  12. Either they don't know how auctions work, or they made a mistake in creating the auction. It's not like they are the only ones not knowing that auction's aren't sell orders. You won't search long before finding an auction for an item with a very stable price, a minimum bid way higher than said price, and currency the only thing one can bid. Scraps auctions are probably best for items with uncertain values or trading anything for items.
  13. Please read the guidelines before posting a new suggestion
  14. It's not much, but add a spot to buy and sell more event restricted items.
  15. I'll try to make this as clear as possible because I found this kinda hard to explain. I made a raffle and traded the items and everything. I then started typing things for a second raffle, and after writing some stuff down I left the page and did some other stuff. When I came back, my progress on raffle 2 had been overwritten by raffle 1, and now I just had my first raffle typed up instead of the progress for my second raffle. Only happened once and then seemed to stop. Update: Happened again
  16. Huge Flamethrower bugs report, mostly related to the Blue Moon ramp-up system.
  17. probably a silly question but i just want to know if free accounts get less item drops than premium ones do like 8-12 a week right.
  18. What is the point of people doing No Min auctions but then rejecting all bids? Like, why create an auction with no min but then try to sell it at a set price?
  19. This is an intended change: https://forum.scrap.tf/topic/636-scraptf-changelog/?do=findComment&comment=75209
  20. May 21st: Raffle pages no longer refresh when entering. They will still refresh when leaving raffles. Entered messages now slide in due to the page not refreshing.
  21. This Problem affects everybody, but I am not sure if it can be abused. "entered raffle" messages not apearing is annoying, but not something that needs to be fixed ASAP, and one cannot enter a raffle up to 1 second after entering another raffle. If potentionally entering 1 raffle a second is too quickly, they would extend this time. This probably needs fixing, but isn't abuseable.
  22. Wow guys, stop posting your complaint in the staff's profile comment section and be patient. You're already in the forum, update your post in your thread.

  23. ill like the add unturned skins and items and payday 2 skins
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