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  1. Since the majority of the last questions have been over the same few topics, and all issues have been already responded to, I will be keeping this thread locked.
  2. I believe I have answered all questions so far. In order to ease some stress on our mod team, I will be locking this thread for now so I can get some sleep, and will open it again for any questions in the morning.
  3. Yes I did claim some users harassed me over these events, but I also addressed all allegations that were made. I did make an initial response after the twitter thread, but I didn't feel it was necessary to explain personal matters at the time. The only replies we've removed from this thread have been spam of memes. Yes I said that users did make lewd jokes, and that I was negligent in not enforcing rules against them. This was already said. Feen.us' primary purpose is not to host porn, but to store screenshots taken with the program ShareX. Anyone who uses the service can attest to this. Any illegal content on the site has never been allowed, and can be reported to me. I said we began a relationship when he was 17, and the photo was taken when he was not underage. LemonSaviour being banned from Twitter is out ot my control, it is up to Twitter to determine if it was against their site rules. We have banned no users that have talked about this constructively, only users that have spammed posts.
  4. I didn't address this because I didn't think it was relevant enough. I did ask Pillzman to check on a Discord server that I thought was being used for harassment and threats against ScrapTF users, and it ended up being true. We have a rule that says "Your behavior on other community sites and platforms may affect your access to our site, especially if it relates to our site or its users" because we feel the need to protect our users, even if threats and harassment is happening on other platforms. The screenshot I posted showing Pillz on Twitch does not show me, but shows someone else he was harassing at the time. We placed the ban on Pillz with the evidence we were given, and our ban appeal admin agreed with the ban and did not lift it. There are more screenshots, but I don't feel the need to drag this on further.
  5. I don't see how this is relevant, but I am a guy.
  6. I am unsure of the exact date the photo was taken because I do not have it any longer. It was a consensual lewd photo that was sent to me by Luna while we were in a relationship and he was not underage.
  7. This is my response to killjester's comment on his video, they cannot post here because they were banned for posting a joke raffle about the accusations. Here's a screenshot of what they asked I released two screenshots of the behavior that Pillzman was banned for. They had to be censored, and I don't want to post more of them because the person being attacked does not want to be identified for their own safety. Yes Lilith is a lewd person and has been banned previously on our site for having too suggestive avatars or raffles. The reports I posted show the cases where we determined that Lilith's avatars/actions were in line with our rules. Unfortunately we don't have the specific avatars saved from the time of the reports. I don't know their full interaction with Pillzman, but his harassing behavior towards Lilith, and much worse case of it towards another user is what caused him to be banned. I didn't feel we needed to take further action against Lilith because the case on Feen.us did not involve artwork showing underage characters, only that the owner of one of them (Funniezept) was underage. Lilith is a friend of mine so I trusted them to not upload art with them any longer, and they have followed my request. As for your ban, I took a look at your appeal and it seemed very one sided and accustory towards me so we did not believe it was right to unban you. If you would like to discuss your ban further you still have the option to. I tried to word my initial post that I regret some lax rules about our chat system, but I am sorry that stricter rules were not in place. Our chat rules have been updated to not allow NSFW content, and we will be strictly enforcing that. I think Luki has done enough to clarify his response to Kers' question. As said, lewd jokes were commonplace among friends on our chat so that's what he thought of it as. His 2nd reply to Kers' question about minors was an honest mistake in not reading what Kers wrote, and is just not true. A lot of what Carbon wrote was just his opinions on the community of ScrapTF, and that's fine, you don't have to like everything that other people like. I think I covered the other points he brought up about NSFW rooms, but I wasn't aware that he was in one of them. I am able to join the #cute room that he references, but I was rarely, if ever, in it. I did look into it now, and the room was being used to post lewd anime artwork and no IRL photos. In this post I also addressed Lilith being a lewd person, but Pillz attacks against her were still wrong. Carbon also references me saying lewd comments on raffles, but I don't recall that happening and he did not provide any screenshots of it. Everything else such as Feen.us and footrest was covered in my first post. I've had a bunch of people and friends bring up the footrest situation to which I've clarified it, and people were always free to ask me in private about it. We have not been banning people for asking questions about this, rather we have been banning people that use the word "footrest" in order to harass us about it. As of these pedo accusations, we also have not been banning people that are curious and ask questions about it (such as in this thread or the previous raffle). We've only banned people that use it in a way to harass us, such as posting pedophilic memes or baseless accusations. I have not attempted to slander you, maybe some other community members have tried to outside of my control. I brought up the previous or current hate group because I wanted to show the kinds of attacks I have received in the past regarding the footrest incident, and that most people who bring it up or spread it are just doing it because of other hate towards me. I appreciate you wanting to clarify everything with me instead of just pushing this farther like some of the others have done. If you'd like to come back make sure to appeal your ban again.
  8. Part of that update was to make moderation easier so we don't have to hunt down other rule breaking things people did. It was also done to curb the curiosity that you explained about banned users in an attempt to stop the spread of the photo. It seems like this only further expanded people's curiosity about it, but I hope you can see it from my viewpoint about wanting to stop the spread of a personal photo. Now that this explanation is out there it should clear it up for everyone.
  9. I will be going through old bans placed for this reason and allowing them to appeal again.
  10. We started the relationship when he was 17 and I was 19. I'm not sure how long after that the photo was taken.
  11. Yes this kind of harassment and threats is illegal.
  12. I covered most of this in my initial post, but these rooms were not "full of minors" like some people claim. I am not sure who the censored screenshots are from, but I agree that NSFW chat rooms did not belong on our site.
  13. Users did bring up footrest on server 3 at times, but the majority of offenses on there were plain racism from users that were never even active in the ScrapTF community. It was closed because we believed it was not worth the extra moderation effort to curb their rampant behavior. I'm not 100% clear on what you're asking, but I think you're wondering why we banned so many people for it. It was not intended to "cover up" the incident (I did talk about it to people who asked politely in private messages), rather we were just following our own rules for removing harassing or personal content from people. If there are any bans left from that time that were perm without reason, I will go back and allow users to appeal them. This is a valid question, and maybe I should have addressed the issue earlier. I did not feel the need to respond earlier because a photo being leaked is a deeply personal thing, and I don't think anyone would want to have to go through a response to it. All staff knew about the incident and the reasons it happened.
  14. This post aims to answer all the claims that have been made regarding myself and ScrapTF in a clear, objective and organized manner. With the size of ScrapTF’s user base, it is important that staff is transparent in their actions. This post will be kept up-to-date with any new information that is found, and responses to any further allegations. If you, the reader, find any incorrect information, have additional information or would like to discuss this matter further you can reply to this thread. Keep in mind that our community rules still apply here. Anyone just shouting allegations or harassing anyone has always been banned according to our rules, no matter who it was directed towards. Harassment of this kind has never been and will never be allowed on our site, and it has nothing to do with attempting to censor people or hiding the truth. Timeline of Recent Events On the 25th of May 2020, a user called Salvador Limones (who is also known as Yoda or Kers Pertt) created a Twitter thread accusing me of being a pedophile. The thread contained various images and conversations that happened between members of the ScrapTF community. This was followed by discussion on several social media platforms like Reddit, Discord and Steam. I gave an initial response on the 30th of May 2020 in the form of a ScrapTF raffle. This was met with further tweets from Salvador Limones. Furthermore, on the 4th of June a video was created by Killjester (with alias Diceyy) reiterating over the Twitter thread and adding some more information from a user that goes by Carbon Helium. History and characteristics of the community ScrapTF was initially created in 2012 as one of the first automated TF2 trading websites. The ScrapTF community did not start until 2013 with the creation of our site chat. It was originally a programming experiment that has grown into a very close community of friends. In 2015 we added raffles which further expanded our community into what it is today. Many people may see scrap.tf as just a trading site, but to us we are a close community full of love and support for each other. Since we are such a close community of friends, hired staff members are frequently chat regulars and close friends of myself and other staff. Bans on ScrapTF are mostly placed as a result of a report submitted by other users. We make our best effort to be objective and as strict as possible when following the rules outlined on our site. When a user is banned, they have the option to appeal it by writing a response to us. To be as fair as possible, appeals are read and dealt with by a staff member who does not handle reports so that they aren't directly involved with the banning of users to negate any personal bias. Our main point of community on scrap.tf is our chat system. It contains both public and private rooms, similar to what you find on Discord. They are about bringing friends with similar interests together. Anyone can make their own room and invite whoever they want. Some lewd rooms have existed in chat over the years and they were used for sharing NSFW artwork, discussion of it, and some roleplay of that nature. This isn’t any different from what you find in NSFW channels on Discord servers nowadays. In hindsight, the rules regarding lewd content in our chat were insufficient, however this lack of verification was not the result of a malicious intent. In the past, we regretfully did not put much effort into validating that users entering those rooms were over the age of 18. However, as of last year, we added a prominent “You must be 18 or over to enter” message to these rooms and, as of now, all lewd rooms have been removed from chat and NSFW content is no longer allowed. Feen.us is a side project that I created for myself and my friends to upload screenshots ever since imgur turned into a social network. The name of the site references my friend Feenie, whose nickname was Feenus, and I bought that domain because I thought it would be silly. Feen.us has grown now to a few hundred users, all invited by friends of friends. I do not control what gets uploaded to Feen.us, but there are rules in place about what cannot be uploaded and everyone is able to report violations to me. I feel that the website has grown too big from its initial purpose, and I plan to clean up and remove a lot of users who are inactive or unknown. Footrest Incident Since most staff members are already close friends, some relationships and lewd activities have occurred between them, including myself. One of my best friends who I have known for a long time is Luna. Back in 2015 a mutual friend of ours got ahold of some of his photos because Luna liked to share them between friends. This “friend” proceeded to post one of these photos on 4chan’s /vg/ board for malicious reasons. I will obviously not show the photo, but it contains the words “Jesse’s Footrest” on his chest, which is where the “footrest incident” stems from. At the time Luna and I were in a relationship and we are two years apart in age. After this leak, the photo was posted multiple times on scrap.tf by malicious people (mostly by /vg/ users at the time). About 30 users were initially banned from scrap.tf for posting this content and harassing us about the “footrest” photo. At one point Geel created a raffle in order to identify some of the anonymous users posting this photo in order to preemptively ban them from our site so they couldn’t spread it on scrap.tf. I wasn’t involved with creating this raffle, but that’s as much as I can remember about it. In hindsight, banning users for “being a part of /vg/” was a bad idea, and bans relating to this subject are now handled much better with their reasons and appeals. Even though it’s now 5 years old, this photo continues to surface and get spread around communities such as Discord and we end up being harassed for it again on scrap.tf. Sharing a lewd photo of anyone without their permission or referencing it just to harass people is wrong and illegal in many places, so users continue to get banned for this activity. Pony+ Badge On scrap.tf we have a badge system where users earn badges from various events or milestones they reach. One badge is called “Pony+”, and it is given out to regular visitors of chat, typically to users with pony avatars. It doesn't give you any perks, it's just a fun thing to give to friends. Like I said earlier, close friends and staff members have had consensual exchange of lewd images, but that is completely unrelated to this badge or our site. A community support member called “Luki” was asked about the allegations and appeared to confirm this. However, this is not the case. Luki was added by Kers a few months prior on both steam and discord, and was used to talking about various, trivial topics. It was certainly not clear at the start of this conversation that it was meant in a serious way, hence the initial response. Shortly after Kers’ last message, as Kers confirmed, Luki deleted the messages due to him panicking that the messages could be used out of context. Deleting the messages was not the correct choice, but Luki has made it clear that they do not stand behind the message which the accusers are trying to convey with these screenshots. Luki’s side of the conversations (source) Pillzman’s Fox Pillzman's Fox claims there was an incident involving child pornography on my website Feen.us and a user named Lilith (screenshot of our conversation). The folder he was referencing did not contain any IRL photos, only NSFW artwork of her character and other user’s characters. None of the artwork appeared to be depicting underage characters. Pillzman claimed that the owner of one of the characters in an image was underage. Either way, I deleted the artwork from feen.us and told Lilith to not upload any artwork with them again. This was the only time content like that was reported to me. Pillzman was banned from our website because of multiple reports we received from Lilith and another female user of his creepy and predatory behavior towards them on and off scrap.tf. Once Lilith cut off contact with Pillzman, he began to report her many times for invalid reasons in an attempt to get them banned from our site: Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Final Words My initial response to these allegations did not contain any extensive personal information nor evidence to back it up because I did not feel the need to bring that all to light. Personal attacks like this can happen very frequently and it is difficult to determine when they are anything beyond meaningless attacks (these attacks can be slander of any kind). Now that I recognize that this is a serious case with the situation getting pushed and twisted further, I have provided my full response to these claims. As this situation develops, I will continue to respond and treat this matter seriously. On the topic of the initial response raffle, I had decided to end it earlier than intended (from 24 hours to 12) because I went to sleep at that time. However, I offered to continue the discussion on my profile for later. This was the best choice I saw since raffle comments can very easily get difficult to keep track of. I have been harassed and threatened many times for the “footrest incident” but being called a pedophile has brought this situation to a new low. Many (though not all) users issuing/supporting these claims are past members of the scrap.tf community that have been banned prior to this incident. The reasons for those bans vary from harassment to hate speech and antisemitism. Many of their claims have been twisted or manipulated in order to make them sound worse for me. My intention has always been to protect our staff and the users of our site from people like them. I hope this explanation clarifies these accusations, and how they’ve been used against me. I have responded with the truth and recounted events as best as I remember them. I find Scrap.tf to be a wonderful place full of great people, and I strive to keep it that way.
  15. Jan 7th: Removed holiday theme Closed cookie event Updated rules Jan 26th: Updated emotes Feb 13th: Sped up profile loading by caching a lot of stat counters in memory Feb 14th: Fixed raffle counters being updated at the wrong time Feb 17th: Fixed notification cache not being cleared in some cases Feb 19th: Blocked wrapped gifts from being bid in auctions Reworked raffle tips so you really can't tip a raffle more than once.
  16. Oct 31st: Fixed input validation on badge builder Remove links from people's usernames Nov 5th: Removed Halloween theming. Dec 2nd: Enabled Holiday theme Dec 6th: Opened the Christmas cookie event Dec 9th: Updated emotes Fixed secret santa comment notifications Jan 6th: Fixed unpriced cards being shown as 2 keys when they were actually 2 scrap. Fixed item banking showing "Unknown Error" when selling
  17. We have a bot in our chat that announces new raffles, that's the only way right now.
  18. Oct 29th: Fixed possible source of raffles starting without the items being traded in. Fixed current raffle being counted towards limits when editing it. Moved chat icon setting to chat itself. Fixed site inventory limits being higher than they should be. Removed steamrep admin display from profiles as it was confusing.
  19. Sept 2nd: Update puzzle raffle rules. Misc backend optimizations. Sept 16th: Add warning about possible scams when depositing items. Removed profile link from site-wide announcements. More backend optimizations. Sept 19th: Updated the style of the raffle list header to show bigger numbers. Add new edit raffle page that allows you control more things. Show raffle start times when they are pending upload. Updated some badges to SVG, thanks to iwashere. Update and clarify some rules. Oct 3rd: Add more SVG badges and icons, thanks to iwashere. Fix mini icons on items overlapping. Oct 8th: Enabled Halloween mode.
  20. Aug 12: Significantly speed up opening notifications. Aug 18: Update trade offer popup to show when we are mobile-confirming trade offers. Aug 22: Fixed notifications not sending to auction bidders when their bid becomes active again. Fixed in-game inspection links.
  21. Aug 1st: Added autocomplete for emotes in comments. Backend code cleanup and other minor changes.
  22. June 10th: Fixed trade counts on profiles. July 12th: Fixes for inventories not loading when bidding. July 19th: Added an icon to items that have spells. Fixed the festivized icon showing under prices. Updated emotes.
  23. May 28th: Removed CS:GO skin banking. When tipping raffles the page will no longer reload. When entering puzzle raffles comments will now be enabled without refreshing. Lowered page margins on profiles for mobile. Fixed some errors for logged out users. Changed some pages to say trading instead of banking to be more consistant. Fixed raffle pages being tiny on mobile for some users.
  24. May 21st: Raffle pages no longer refresh when entering. They will still refresh when leaving raffles. Entered messages now slide in due to the page not refreshing.
  25. May 20th: Raffler-unclaimed items will no longer count against your raffle limits. Fixed auction links not showing on reports. Removed low usage emotes.
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