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  1. Scrap.tf profile page not showing trades completed

    I see that you've already commented your problem in the Bug Reports subforum. Please note that this subforum is to do with the site's TF2 servers, and not the site itself. I will be locking this thread.
  2. Payments paysafecard in the marketplace

    Marketplace.tf and Scrap.TF are different websites. I will be locking this thread.
  3. Won a raffle and can't withdraw the item

    You should be posting in Help & Support (https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/). Please create a support ticket there if you are still encountering problems. Locked.
  4. Favourite Scrap.TF emote?

    :pinky: :3
  5. Just an idea

    Moved this post to Suggestions. To my knowledge, this suggestion has been voiced many times, but it doesn't seem that it will become a reality anytime soon. Please search the Forums for similar posts before posting a new one.
  6. So Escrow'd people get punished?

    There's certainly been a lot of queries regarding this Secret Santa ban. It seems like a lot of banned grinches actually had legitimate issues with trading during last year's event. With this many people arguing their case, I'm certain that the situation is being worked on, so rest assured. The system isn't perfect, but it is constantly being improved, so just keep your eyes open for future updates. Good luck!
  7. What is the value expectation for Secret Santa?

    It really does depend. Minimum gift is 1 refined. However, if you feel generous and don't mind spending a little extra, good on you! As Mixed said, I think a gift based on sentiment rather than worth will have much more meaning to it. It's fine if you're not able to afford expensive items. It's all in the spirit of gifting. I think as long as you play fair and don't intend to use this opportunity as a profit making scheme, you're fine. Happy gifting!~
  8. App for Scrap.TF

    Mentioned it to Jessie in chat. He said that he's made an app for the website on Google Play before. However, he did confirm that there wasn't much reason for an app, as the mobile site was pretty optimised already, and efforts would be better concentrated on improving the mobile site. Besides, developing an app for a website with so many features is probably quite gruelling, and the various platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows) make it more complicated. I guess we'll have to stick with the mobile site for the time being.
  9. TF2 dream item?

    Max's Severed Head. Would say unusual, but that's only for special circumstances.
  10. Limit puzzle raffles to 1 day maximum

    I do agree that seven days is a large amount of time. However, maybe some exceptionally difficult and intricate puzzle raffles do require a large window of time to be solved. And a maximum of one day is a little ambitious - be wary of time zones and that some users might not get the chance to enter in time.
  11. App for Scrap.TF

    I see. Time for this topic to be locked.
  12. App for Scrap.TF

    With nearly a million users of this site, a large majority of us own and use mobile phones and tablets regularly. I suggest that Scrap.TF creates an app for itself, which can run on Windows, iOS, Android etc. Benefits Convenience; using Scrap.TF at times when it is not practical to use a PC/laptop Quick and easy access; no need to open Scrap.TF in browser Direct notifications to device E.g. Raffle winnings, profile comments, chat private messages, etc. Features Reduced data usage mode; an option to toggle simplified displays, animated avatars, etc. Inbuilt Scrap.TF chat, as opposed to opening another window Optional little game to play while waiting in queue. This game will have daily topscores, and all-time topscores. Possibly even a profile badge for the all-time topscorers