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    Hardcore air drumming, drawing and yodeling.

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  1. is chat kill? find out in the next episode

    1. Luki


      Yus, kill very much

  2. It's still cold tho


  3. Banned for spinning too much.
  4. Didn't you understand when I explained it?
  5. Well then, what the title says: One person will ask a question, another will answer that question with another question. RULES: All answers must make sense. There can't be any periods nor commas that separate the answer into multiple sentences, ex: Question: "Were are we going to eat?" Answer: "Depends, what do you want to eat?" In short, there can't be any affirmatives Try not to repeat other answers unless you really can't think of anything else. I'll start: How are you doing today?
  6. I'll try to be more active around here because I need status.

  7. Granted, but you lose the ability of caring and loving it. I wish for drawing talent.
  8. Granted, but she will eventually receive so many that she'll become an increasingly valuable target for assassins and criminals. (i dunno anything about touhou pls don't hate me) I wish for an axtinguisher rebuff.
  9. Granted, but the wish will wish wishes that wish wishes themselves, thus creating a source of infinite power wich shall develop an evil conscience of it's own. I wish for breakfast food.
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