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  1. Bugged for me also. 2nd time the daily bar has reset and I've got no new quests. Just 1 leftover EP from donating as many points to the bar as I could in 3 EP increments.
  2. Understood Jesse. Thanks. If someone could close the thread I'd appreciate it(I don't see any button to do so myself). Didn't mean to cause any friction, just noticed something with the auctions and scammer alts and decided to bring up the topic for discussion.
  3. Barbara, yes I understand what he said and the one source of information being used. I was simply stating it seems to a layperson such as myself that other sources of information could also be used(bp.tf, and/or outpost as examples), as those sources of information have the already put in the time to "hunt down" (to use ben's phrase) alt accounts and ban them as such. It would seem that using more sources of information, especially on such scammer alt accounts, would be prudent, since, as you've both mentioned, steamrep appears to be easily worked around. Though, again, I understand if this
  4. Ben, I assure you that I wasn't intending to make a loaded statement, but more querying as to why it would be happening, while also wondering if anyone felt the way that I do. With the amount of (to a layperson like myself) amazing programming that I'm sure has gone into this site, it surprises that there isn't a quick/easy way to programmatically check/utilize the ban information from other websites where alts have been tagged/identified/banned. I would in no way presume what the staff's time constraints are and wouldn't even suggest they should be responsible for "hunting down" the sc
  5. Should people who are banned from the main trading websites be allowed to use the scrap.tf auction system as a means of laundering their unusuals? I'm just asking to see if anyone else feels it's a little....odd? I guess....that people who are banned on bp.tf or outpost for scamming/alts of scammers/trading with scammers are allowed to come here and use the auction system to dump off their unusuals. It's especially a little odd-feeling when you see that in the item history (which they didn't post, so one had to go looking for it) you see that the banned person got the unusual fro
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