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  1. Moofle

    The cookie

    I'm just standing here with the cookie that used to be yours. But, as I'm about to take a bite...
  2. Banned because I'm the guy who's kicking your arse.
  3. No. 1. I tried to outsmart this by saying you could spend $999, but that is barely enough to keep you alive for long. 2. The economy's bad anyway and I have no intention of messing it up any more. 3. The virtual economy is also a bit messed up, what with the price of buds crashing. I don't want to mess that up either, if that's what you mean. You get a million dollars, but you're fat and lazy and will eventually die from cancer.
  4. Banned for repeatedly jumping.
  5. Banned because your name is Lancer Miata.
  6. I believe that this is a 'Million Dollars' discussion, so i'll take that as a million for being a semi furry: No, because: 1. you could be locked up by scientists who want to research you 2. if that happened, you wouldn't get to spend the million dollars 3. even if you weren't locked up people would spend years looking for you, so you'd be on the run forever. Ye giit a milyerm dalurrrs, bahd yu spiiuk geeborysh fro dwa riisd uuf yir layph (you get a million dollars, but you speak gibberish for the rest of your life)
  7. You die from an electric shock trying to perfect it. I wish to come back from the dead and give the living haircuts.
  8. Banned because you can't spell 'say' and because you missed out 'you'. (Applies anti-ban to self)
  9. banned for capitalising the first letter of your sentence.
  10. No. 1.That would turn me into Donald Trump. 2.I don't like Donald Trump 3.To him, a million dollars is just a 'small loan'. You get a million dollars, but you can't spend it on anything, just look at it, and if you do spend any, you get locked in jail (every 1 cent spent = half a day of jail)
  11. Banned because i'm back after a long time because i forgot the forum existed. (Don't ban me right after i come back. Please.)
  12. Play the 'You're banned' forum game.

    Check email a few weeks later.

    30 new emails saying that I'm banned.

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    2. Alexander Wedlin

      Alexander Wedlin

      That's why I only follow help/support and not off topic

    3. Luki


      That's why I disabled forum emails

    4. brUh


      Me too, I only have notifications, but I make sure to check once a day atleast.

  13. Granted, but you still can't afford it because your money is all gone. i wish to go in me mum's car. Broom broom.
  14. OR a Disco Beat Down Towering Pillar of Hats. they look so damn cool
  15. It costs you all of your money, and the site closes down instantly after you donate. I wish for another Mann Co. Supply Crate Key.
  16. Banned because you're still flying. Get down from there!
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