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  1. A year ago I made this thread. I think it's about time we do a new one. Again, concept is very simple; post one word and attempt to form a storyline with other posters. We'll begin with: Yesterday
  2. Can't help but agree it would be nice to have a separate "mess-around" server, it would benefit both partygoers and pub players alike.
  3. I would like to volunteer to help moderate the server. As Brag has already stated, I already host a weekly raffle series where I invite lots of people to the Scrap.tf server and have a "party," it has become the most successful server raffle series in terms of participation, you've seen it yourself Jesse. A problem we've been experiencing is people who join expecting a normal game and begin killing when we are trying to set something up, most of the time they comply and join in, but sometimes when we tell them to stop they just kill more to spite us, and in general it's very difficult to have organisation and order within the server during these parties as we cannot kick those who are just there to ruin our event. A moderator isn't always there to help when the parties are on, and as the host of these parties which never fail to fill the server to capacity, I would love to moderate the servers, not just for the parties, but for Scrap.tf in general. Hope you consider it. Sorry for the huge paragraph, I know it's just supposed to be volunteering but I'm treating as if it were a mod application.
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