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  1. I fail to comprehend the utility of this statement. I have met three guys who are very fast at jigidis, two of them have commented this thread and agree on removing them. Sure, but for every new users it brings in, five more quit the puzzle section only by reading the word "jigidi" in the puzzle titles. You have solved 16 puzzles so far and only made one. What classifies you as a "jigsaw puzzler"? Why are you intervening in a matter that evidently does not affect you? You might want to rephrase that, cause I once again fail to comprehend the utility of this statement. People will not care in the slightest about the ban, it will only affect the puzzle section, which is already, and luckily, heavily regulated.
  2. Then yes, everybody agrees, and nobody will miss them. That would help a lot for sure.
  3. 90% of the users who make Jigidi don't read the rules. People struggle to put the main message, entered message, and solution in the right tab when creating a puzzle, so you can't reasonably expect them to follow that procedure to make a jigsaw puzzle.
  4. I don't think anybody would really miss them if they were banned, they don't add anything to the puzzle section. They should be fine if linked in a private raffle, or wherever puzzle rules don't stand. Maybe an alternative solution to my leaderboards suggestion would be to put a pieces limit and a consecutive number of jigsaw puzzles chained together limit, in order to act not only about Jigidi.com, but jigsaw puzzles in general. Trying to meet the needs of any jigsaw lover, if there really are any, with this alternative suggestion, but I'd be totally ok for a complete ban of jigsaws from the puzzle section.
  5. That would qualify the puzzle as unsolvable, and it would be closed. Jesse already asked "the puzzlers" in a forum thread if it was the case of completely ban jigidis once, so it wouldn't be so odd imo
  6. The puzzle section is flooded by Jigidi puzzles. Nobody likes them, but everybody is doing them. There's no assurance that after one jigidi there isn't a link to another jigidi. My suggestion is: require people to solve their jigidi before asking for people to solve them. Their name will show up in the leader-board as a proof of that. This should help mods too, since wouldn't they be required to solve a jigidi themselves when one of these puzzles gets reported?
  7. Nah it's ok to leave it as it is, more people could contribute
  8. I feel like that would take up too much resources, besides that you can just open the puzzle to check the solution after it ended, it's 2 clicks instead of your 1 click idea. I suggest something like a "follow raffle" button, that notifies you when a raffle ends... shouldn't be too bad to implement.
  9. Yes, I know you already get notified when you win an auction, but I feel like the number of unpaid auctions would fall drastically if this would be implemented... "Bot space is precious", right?
  10. Discord Tag: Marvash Magalli#9371 Chrome dev tools? No, but I'm willing to learn Experience? No, but I made multiple bug reports on the forum, does it count?
  11. If you are planning to sell it, you can do it for 2 refs more on backpack.tf
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