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  1. Heya, so as the title says I went on a short trip to Los Angeles, South California for a few days. I slept most of the flight so I can’t really say much about that but once I got out I visited some really nice places, museums, restaurants, etc… The weather luckily for me was warm (comparing it to my home), so I had the chance to go to the beach in peace (really nice) and it was kind of a bit bigger than the last one I visited a few years ago. And also the weather was a really nice break from all the colds I’ve had a few months and days ago. There I sunbathed a bit (and didn’t get burned, yey) and ate ice cream. If I remember well, I tried to learn how to surf, seems fun even though I suck at it lol. The hotel where I stayed had some nice activities to do, kinda makes me remember of when I was 10 years old <3. This one though had a long pool! but not much people in it. Still was nice anyway, more pool space for me and my floaty friend!. Sadly I didn’t make it to Disneyland but hey! I saw the Walk of Fame of Hollywood!, found some actors I liked in there too :3 . Oh and I also took a few pictures of a few places and I would like to share them with everyone! Here are they: https://i.imgur.com/CUW2bwr.png
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