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    Titties, butts, coffee, anime, lewd, hentai, sex, sex, and more sex. I'm just a sexually raging teen.

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  1. rip in peace u will b remembered 5ever

  2. Took Geel's girlfriend hostage.

    1. 555555555


      Do not worry, THE BOX WILL SAVE HIM(even though he doesn't know Geel's wuvsies)

  3. Hai Hai

    Teach me

    But, it's Geel's girlfriend.
  4. Hai Hai

    Teach me

    Should I take Geel's girlfriend as hostage?
  5. Hai Hai

    Teach me

    Soooooo I should drill into Geel's safe?
  6. Hai Hai

    Teach me

    I'll probably start in 5 days. Teach me all I need to know how to get my payday from Geel.
  7. Day 2: Night draws longer as I cannot fap. It's just too painful.

  8. Ughs, mom has to sleep in my room cause guests are here. Dammit, here starts the no fap spree :/

    1. Radiant Rayv
    2. Dimitri


      I feel very sorry for you.

      I once went two weeks not fapping and it was horrible, I know how you feel.

  9. I guess I mind as well change this to "Thread that Jesse edits each time he wants to add a suggestion".
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