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  1. The suggestion is supported by numerous people with explicit reasons, rejected by no one, and all it gets is a silent reject from the mods? Can we, those who paid for your service, get some kind of reasoning for this? Are there other people who requested the title be changed to Premium that all just didn’t see this post? Is there a reason you can think of as to why I would care to have Premium next to my name as opposed to Donor? As far as I’ve seen there has been no public reason for the change in blog posts or any other means of communication. If there is please point me to it and I apologize for being persistent. Otherwise, I’m sorry that I sound pissed off right now, because I am. Especially when the only reply from someone with a degree of authority is “lol rejected.”
  2. Yes, I did that, and nothing happened. I tried that, doing it with weapon names, doing it with skin names, and looking for any wear options after searching for both weapons and specific skins. Sorry for asking.
  3. I tried using the search function for wears, but I couldn't figure out how. How do you do it?
  4. With the addition of War Paints to TF2, there are a lot more skins being traded on scrap.tf. For most of these skins, it's hard to tell by it's icon what wear it is, requiring one to hover over it to read the wear. This is especially a problem for anyone browsing the skin bots. I think adding a label like FN (for Factory New) to the skin icons would help a lot in visually sorting the massive amount of skin items we now have economically. It would look something like this: I used the colors for grades of items to color code as well. This would make wears even easier to quickly recognize. Identically colored letters wouldn't be very effective when looking at a lot of skins at once. I also chose the bottom-right corner, even though paint colors are in the top-left, because it would cover up the skin model the least. It's really up to the mods which they prefer.
  5. I've barely been on scrap.tf in the past few months, but when I saw this topic I immediately came to support it. There's a lot of a difference that can come out of changing one word. I know I probably wouldn't have donated if it was called "premium." I donated because I wanted to support the site and have the "donor" title. The extra stuff was just a nice bonus. And compared to having "donor" next to your name, "premium" just doesn't make sense. Now people will just think, "oh cool, you have more features than me," instead of "wow, this person donated to the site."
  6. Pegapnea

    Forum Polls

    They should have the poll automatically embed if you link the url for a scrap.tf poll.
  7. Pegapnea


    Just bookmark the auctions you want to look at later.
  8. Last time I saw this suggestion, which was possibly over a year ago, Jesse said they were working on implementing this. I think they gave up to work on other things.
  9. I just want to say that's the strangest typo I've ever seen. (In a good way though. It's kind of funny.)
  10. Don't post replies just to bump threads.
  11. One of the big sides of your case should come off completely. Every case has a different way to do it, though. You'll have to look around for something to unclip, slide, push, etc. The side might even slide out on it's own.
  12. Oh, I'm sorry about my little rant, then. What's WNTS, though?
  13. Yeah. It's not even that you'll have issues, though; just sometimes you won't be at a perfect 60fps. Installing a GPU is actually pretty simple. This video explains the basic stuff. If you're still pretty confused, you can still go with the expert installation. That video reminded me of things I completely forgot about, though. What wattage is your power supply? It'll probably say it somewhere on it. It's the box that the power cable goes into. You might have to open your case and look on the side of it, though, I don't know. Also, look inside your case and make sure there's enough physical room around the slot that the GPU will go into. It's the longest slot that looks like the one in the video and probably says PCIe next to it. The size of the GPU is on it's amazon page if you look around.
  14. The 1050 is significantly weaker than a 1060, but that doesn't mean it's bad. A 1050 will be able to run even Battlefield 1 fine, just not at high settings. It's about the same as the recommended GPU for GTA 5, though; so you could probably use some nice looking settings at a high fps. A 1060 will be solid for both games and see you through even more intense games for a while. It really comes down to price. This is always a pain in the a** to deal with since the prices are always changing with all the slightly different cards of the same model and the stocks of each of them. As of now, the 1050 is around $150 and the 1060 is around $400–700. (Only get one that's around $400, though.) These two that I found seem to be good choices of each card: GTX 1050 (Should be about $150) GTX 1060 (Should be about $400) I wouldn't be surprised if that model of the 1060 jumps up in price or goes out of stock. The 1050 might go out of stock, too. If either happens, I can find another one. If you can afford it, I'd say get a 1060; but if you can't/don't want to spend that much, a 1050 is completely fine. Also, the Ripjaw X series are RAM sticks, which you have plenty of and don't need to upgrade.
  15. Aside from what Yukino said, this is a bad idea. The bots would fill up immediately because everyone wants to sell crates and no one wants to buy them. When you're suggesting something, please explain why it's a good idea, not just things like "ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY an upsidal idea" which you've used for your recent suggestions. As for your jerkhead comment, I'm pretty sure that's about me, right? If it is, well, sorry but not sorry. If I see a suggestion that I don't think is good, I'm going to speak my mind and explain why I think so. This is a forum. When you create a topic anyone can say their opinion, and you have to be ready for criticism.
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