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  1. One of the big sides of your case should come off completely. Every case has a different way to do it, though. You'll have to look around for something to unclip, slide, push, etc. The side might even slide out on it's own.
  2. Yeah. It's not even that you'll have issues, though; just sometimes you won't be at a perfect 60fps. Installing a GPU is actually pretty simple. This video explains the basic stuff. If you're still pretty confused, you can still go with the expert installation. That video reminded me of things I completely forgot about, though. What wattage is your power supply? It'll probably say it somewhere on it. It's the box that the power cable goes into. You might have to open your case and look on the side of it, though, I don't know. Also, look inside your case and make sure th
  3. The 1050 is significantly weaker than a 1060, but that doesn't mean it's bad. A 1050 will be able to run even Battlefield 1 fine, just not at high settings. It's about the same as the recommended GPU for GTA 5, though; so you could probably use some nice looking settings at a high fps. A 1060 will be solid for both games and see you through even more intense games for a while. It really comes down to price. This is always a pain in the a** to deal with since the prices are always changing with all the slightly different cards of the same model and the stocks of each of them. As of
  4. Based on what you say, it sounds like the new gpu is drawing too much power causing it to heat and put stress on the psu that the old one couldn't handle; but I'm not an expert in this stuff. That doesn't make much sense anyway since 750w should be plenty for it...
  5. Is there an explanation? It seems rather weird to only remove kappa when there's still things like jantran and lenny faces.
  6. I might as well be the one to ask it. (Or there's an explanation somewhere that I haven't seen) What happened to the kappa emote?
  7. This has been brought up a lot and won't happen because it would be a lot of work, and the mobile webpage works fine.
  8. I make a puzzle raffle about ponies everyday.
  9. I think this qualifies. https://scrap.tf/CELEBRATION
  10. The duplication has already been fixed. The person left and re-entered the raffle causing the extras to disappear.
  11. It's still there. The entries are at 14 now that one more person has joined.
  12. In my raffle here, a user is shown as entered three times. At first I thought it was just a visual bug with the avatars as the raffle said 10 entries when there should have been 10, but after Tornadre (the space bears one) entered, it changed to 13 when there should have been 11. The avatars do not disappear when the page is reloaded. The user most likely didn't do this intentionally since they are confused as well, so this may be a bug on scrap.tf's side.
  13. Note: This is on iOS. I don't know if it does this for Android. I'm on the most recent update, but it's done this on any other update I've had. Normally, tap-holding (to bring up the magnifying glass) on text you are typing and moving past the edge of the text box moves you along the text. This doesn't work in the text boxes for commenting, so trying to get to a different part of your comment to change something, reread, etc. is a pain.
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