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  1. I'm really happy that emote suggestions are open again, here are some of the ones I'm submitting. They're ordered by priority from top to bottom so if you can't add/wish not to add all of them you can add just a few of the better ones. :goteowo: (alternatively :goatowo: or :asrielowo:) :gotepats: (alternatively :goatpats: or :asrielpats:) :goteded: (alternatively :goatded: or :asrielded:) :gotederp: (alternatively :goatderp: or :asrielderp:) :goteconfused: (alternatively :goatconfused: or :asrielconfused:) :gotemeh: (alternatively :goatmeh: or :asrielmeh:)
  2. Updating previous emotes to higher res versions. :gote: :nοm:
  3. :gote: https://feen.us/ata9.png Bigger image here https://feen.us/mias.png
  4. Here's a script that let's you have the old square with rounded edges for avatars back in chat. https://userstyles.org/styles/130884/square-avatars Update: Works with v10 of chat, updated on the 2nd of August, 2016. What messages look like: What the user list looks like:
  5. :csdfrown: https://feen.us/feio.png
  6. Around when I first started playing TF2 as a Free To Play and wanted to find someone who didn't sell weapons for a scrap each, since I had gotten a few weapons I needed from my friends and wanted to exchange them to something more useful.
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