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  1. http://loadout.tf/?class=Demoman&id[]=409&id[]=30801&id[]=922 When the demo tries to get spooky, he needs some spooky hair too.
  2. Just because of that, I believe that I would cash out of TF2 and, using my money and the extra ref, buy a Michael Rosen body pillow and a copy of Memes 101: Nice.
  3. And what all of you didn't notice was that the original cookie was never stolen. I handed ten dollars to Ribbon and had it the entire time. And now I'm monologuing just so that you will steal the cookie. Come on, you know you want to.
  4. Gumshoos has the perfect shiny. It's just Trump but he's a feminist. (Note: I am not hating on feminists, saying that the color pink is exclusively feminine, or hating on Trump. I actually think that having Trump in office is good.)
  5. Slap hard. When did this turn into that kind of conversation?
  6. For mine, I would've said yes. Mostly because you could give the money to somebody else that you trust, and "share" the money with full ownership being given to the other person. Anyways, Yes. 1. I'm already cancer. 1. Being lazy isn't too bad if you want to be lazy. Working hard is also not too bad. Somewhere in the middle is just harsh. 2. I'm already tall, so being fat would basically allow me to laugh at people who want to get around me if they come over to my house. 3. I wouldn't care less about dying if I'm lazy. You get a million dollars, b
  7. Banned due to my abuse of moderator powers, despite me not being one.
  8. I'd trade up to five keys and make a ScrapTF raffle... it wouldn't happen though.
  9. You all hate me now. But I hate Overwatch, so it's fine.
  10. Now look at this cookie. Now back at me. Now back at this cookie. Wait where's the cookie? Do you have it? I don't believe that I have it.
  11. Banned for talking about talking about talking about talking about talking about talking about the purpose of this thread and all things within. Feel free to continue this chain further if you would like. It's entirely your choice.
  12. It ran at up towards the child who was crying and holding a nuke. The nuke killed many orphans and now was a puppy filled
  13. Banned for talking about talking about the purpose of this thread. Please continue the chain, just do it!
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