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  1. Banned for whatever it was that you meant to express.
  2. It doesn't matter, scrap.tf has its own rules. One of which is that they will NOT count paint.
  3. Scrap.tf decreases prices for everything.
  4. The count kept resetting for some people, making it inaccurate.
  5. That wouldn't make much of a difference. To make a real difference, you're probably going to have to craft 10,000 ref to even make a dent in the stock of refined metal.
  6. I presume that it was too buggy so they had to remove it.
  7. So many things in school these days.

  8. Everyone has some kind of addiction. Whats yours? Mine would be eating bread. It just tastes too good.
  9. Banned for being a raven with a fox picture.
  10. 4 keys worth of cosmetics for an Australium Axtinguisher which was later sold for a bud.
  11. Apparently Geel won one of my raffles a few months ago. Do I get a cookie?
  12. Your banned because your rated R
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