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  1. I created some uBlock Origin filters, that seems to have gotten rid of them.
  2. There used to be a way of disabling snow effects etc. when scrap.tf did a 'Christmas' theme once, but I don't see a way of disabling the current 'Halloween' ghosts and other redundant crap? I've checked the settings page, but can't see any options to get rid of this nonsense. BTW, Halloween is 31st October, which at the time of writing is 24 days away.
  3. Yes, there's plenty of keys available to buy 'now'. The more so since the price has gone up yet another ref here since Sunday.
  4. I have plenty of keys. I've been gathering a lot of ref lately though. You need wallet funds to buy from the market anyway. It's a different thing altogether.
  5. Just a note to say that since the price went up a ref, there's been loads of keys available.
  6. Ok, thanks Ben. So, just me being paranoid then. I see you just upped the buy / sell spread to 0.22 now anyway and put it up yet another ref higher than the bp.tf prices! So, I expect there'll be a glut of keys now that won't sell! No longer an attractive price to buy at. Selling on the other hand...
  7. Well, I don't know that it IS a problem unless other people agree similarly. That's why I'm asking here. Yes, I'd make a Help & Support topic if it turns out to be justified. At the moment it's just a notion I personally have.
  8. Well obviously! But not ordinary users like me and the rest of the people that use the site.
  9. I wanted to know also whether other people were suffering similarly. No point asking in the Help & Support forum as answers are only visible to yourself according to the forum statement.
  10. I've (unsuccessfully) been trying to BUY TF2 keys from here for the past 4-5 days now. Obviously I refresh regularly, but I just never see any keys available to buy, morning, noon or night. I could sell very easily, no problem. The Scrap.tf key prices are all perfectly fair and in-line with bp.tf prices, so I fail to see why anyone would not be selling keys here for 1 scrap less than the buy price. It makes no sense unless I'm being *extremely* unlucky, or more likely some bots are auto-scanning and buying up keys as soon as they're available?! R
  11. It's not scrap.tf's fault it's yours. Know your prices BEFORE buying/selling. Check backpack.tf for a general idea of prices / values.
  12. on https://scrap.tf/games There are THREE separate prices for Bioshock Triple Pack: 3 Keys 14.99 3 Keys 9.33 3 Keys 9.33 I've only ever been offered 3 keys 9.33. The graphics are all the same for each entry too. So, I have no idea what's going on there?
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