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  1. The paint itself is priced at around 16 refs atm, so your skin is likely at the 8-10 ref range.
  2. Wait, how did you find a 2-month sale if both the Hat and Unusual effect were added last month?
  3. Your best bet would be auctioning it, or try and see if you can sell it to a skins bot here.
  4. Skin trading is quite hard, most people don't really pay a lot for them. You'll need a lot of patience.
  5. Auctions were disabled as a result of the API being unstable, since you know, that meant inventories wouldn't load and so you weren't going to be able to bid/pay bids. As the API came back up yesterday and seems to be a bit more stable for now, it's likely auctions will be enabled again soon.
  6. If you want as many people as possible: Make it a Public Raffle If you want it to be longer than 24hrs: Make it a Puzzle or a Private Raffle. You can't really have both just like that. Not a lot of people check Puzzles, and even if you put the Private Link in a Public Raffle, only about 50% of people will actually join since most just join raffles and then move onto the next one without reading the message.
  7. 3rd is K.
  8. It's like matches were randomized or something like that.
  9. If you get a shiny pokémon, name them after me In all seriousness, maybe a Ground type. Also you probably should link this post in a raffle to get more attention since only a few people check the Forums
  10. 1. It'd have to be in the Custom Emote Suggestions thread (though it's closed ATM) 2. Needs to be PNG, and preferably with Transparent Background. 3. Needs to be of higher quality, looks a bit blurry.
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