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  1. If you get a shiny pokémon, name them after me In all seriousness, maybe a Ground type. Also you probably should link this post in a raffle to get more attention since only a few people check the Forums
  2. It'd likely be a real pain to actually price all of them and let them be auctioned or in bids.
  3. It's just like how people keep getting scammed nowadays even though Scrap and Steam itself has some pop-ups to help them not get scammed.
  4. As you can see and even pointed out, the IF is clearly shown to be 50% so it's up to every user to notice that. The site isn't going to hold your hand more to make sure you don't lose even 1 scrap of value, you are responsible of your own items. Is it a bit of a jerk thing to do? Yeah but again, not really against the rules or anything.
  5. Generally happen due to minor things. Of course there are going to be exceptions when things get more serious like in the example you've provided.
  6. They don't really last that long though, they always expire on appeal so it just depends on the user coming back online and making an appeal. Would be kinda harsh as Profile Bans generally happen due to minor things.
  7. It's not really about getting more people to check out the Puzzle Section but as Ronald has said: "It's basically because private raffles are meant to be private so if anything goes wrong, the rules relating to entry/passwords don't apply. However that means you could get away with repurposing them into puzzles, in which if anything goes wrong, nobody can do anything about it, there is no solution box and since it's technically not a puzzle raffle, you can probably get away with a lot of stuff that the puzzle rules don't allow." Also Would/Could backfire, after all "they aren't allowed in Puzzles so why not just disallow them in all raffles?"
  8. You mean: https://scrap.tf/buy/skins ?
  9. Being able to reject final bids would be exploited and would just cause more harm than good, you'd have people "changing their minds", rejecting if they didn't get enough profit, rejecting just to troll the bidder, etc.
  10. I mean, but that falls on the user. Just like when people ignore the Trade Offer Pop-up that says to not accept offers if the other person is offering Steam Codes/Paypal Funds, etc. and they up just losing their items. Also there's indeed quite some things that can be said about the current state of auctions, however in this case (canceling them) I think it's unlikely that it will change.
  11. You said it yourself, the site already tells you that Auctions can't and won't be canceled no matter what. Once you click "Create Auction" you accept you're 100% alright with what you chose, and you are fully aware of the "risks" that you're taking.
  12. Scrap.tf doesn't pay/add to the price of an item for any extras (i.e. spells, parts, paints, etc.). Also they use bp.tf prices so if your Stock Weapon is worth less than 1 ref for the site, it likely is worth less than 1 ref in bp.tf
  13. It's not scamming and there's nothing to fix. The prices of those taunts are 1 year old. If you look at their classifieds you'll get a better idea of their actual price (i.e. the Yeti Punch, people are selling for 3.6 keys and buying for 2.6 keys) And that's without mentioning that obviously scrap isn't going to pay full price for unusuals, they buy at a certain discount because if they paid full price then people would just exploit the bots and leave them with overpriced unusuals that people are never going to buy.
  14. That'd just be a bit of a "screw you" to people who have expensive/rare items. Also as much as I'd like it to make people use Auctions properly, this won't really do that, there still will be bad auctions.
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