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  1. Small thing. Currently both the "You have won an auction" and "Your auction has ended" notifications send you to: https://scrap.tf/auctions/mine instead of to the respective auction. However, the "You've been outbid" notifications do send you to the specific auction. I'd like to see the other notifications be "fixed" and send you to the specific auction(s), but in the case of "2 of your auctions have ended" notifications, they could still send you to: https://scrap.tf/auctions/mine ( similar to Multiple Raffle Wins sending you to https://scrap.tf/raffles ) *I'm talking about the notifications in the "list": https://i.imgur.com/j2kXk9V.png , in the Notices page, they Do mention the specific auction(s).
  2. Whenever you create an auction, you get told: "By creating an auction you agree to the following: Scrap.TF staff will not cancel your auction for you under any circumstance. Double and triple check you are 100% sure with auctioning the items that you selected. The auction may not work out in your favor and you may lose money over it. There is a chance the winner will not pay their bid. In this case your items will be returned to you and the bidder will receive a temporary ban. Once your auction has ended and the winner has traded in their items they will be available in your inventory for with" So no, it's not stupid, it's there for people like you who can just change their minds at any time.
  3. If you want as many people as possible: Make it a Public Raffle If you want it to be longer than 24hrs: Make it a Puzzle or a Private Raffle. You can't really have both just like that. Not a lot of people check Puzzles, and even if you put the Private Link in a Public Raffle, only about 50% of people will actually join since most just join raffles and then move onto the next one without reading the message.
  4. But why would it be added? I don't really see any use for this, it's not like the site is running low on funds or anything.
  5. But the length would have to be detected to confirm it's indeed a 7 day hold. Can't just tell everyone that they can't trade for 7 days since there's 3 day, 7 day and 15 day trade holds (if I remember correctly).
  6. It'd be quite nice but remember that TotH started and is mostly based around TF2 and its items, so setting up a way to help them with donations was a no-brainer. But with other things it might be more complicated since they'd likely have to go around seeing who'd be interested and how would everything be set up, so it could also take quite some time. While not a full campaign, maybe an Announcement/Pinned Message could encourage people to donate to one or more sites/charities and such.
  7. The thing is, only the person affected by the Trade Hold can see how long it lasts and such. So don't really think it might be possible for the bots to detect that or any of the other trade holds, I mean not even in Steam you get that info (it only says "User" is not available to trade, more information will be displayed to them").
  8. Ohh, I see. But this sounds like a different issue so let's not get distracted
  9. Yeah, this would be rule breaking behavior due to the exploitation of prices, so the history could be useful to see who's the one doing it, and if they do it in more auctions. I don't understand this, you mean they're overpriced too?
  10. Recently it seems there's been an increase of users getting banned for one or another reason and as a result of this, bids get removed from auctions. Unfortunately at the moment as Auctioneer you only get told that it happened, but you're not told how much was their Bid(s) nor who the User was (though the latter is kinda understandable). This is quite unfortunate since you don't get to see how much you "lost", maybe it was just 1 extra scrap, maybe it was 1 extra key, or maybe they just dumped a lot of their items, overpaying by a lot. And so that's where this suggestion would come into play with a "Bidding History". This would work in a similar way to the "All comments" function that raffles have. For example, links would look like: "scrap.tf/auctions/AUCTION/bids" And so in this page, only the Auctioneer would be able to see all bids that their Auction has gotten (Staff could also see this in case of any suspicious/rule breaking behavior, if they can't already see that of course). And depending on how easy it'd be, the page could display them in different ways: A semi-detailed list (i.e. User X bid 13.44 refs. 2 hours ago) A fully detailed list (i.e. User X bid: 3 Refined, AWPer Hand = 6.77 Ref. 2 hours ago) *The latter would pretty much be how Current Top Bids are shown. With this implemented, Auctioneers would be able to keep track of everything, and be able to see Removed Bids. Also, it would stop this from happening: This person got outbid on my Auction, but the other person got banned, meaning they became the Top Bidder again, however as you can see there's No indication of the Outbid happening on their notices, it only tells them that they're Top Bidder again.
  11. Every once in a while there's a suggestion or two that get accepted but they aren't marked. Likely the case in here.
  12. Gaia's Minion


    3rd is K.
  13. This would just be abused by a lot of auctioneers, not to mention it wouldn't really do much for cases like this, as a matter of fact it could just backfire and leave you with a really low bid. This could cause more troubles, bp.tf sometimes has trouble loading inventories and it displays an old "version" which can be from 1 hour ago all the way to 1 day ago, or even more. So this could greatly affect what items are shown and result in people not being able to bid items that they've gotten but bp.tf doesn't show. This is already a thing, however it only happens in extreme cases (i.e. when the Steam API is down for 12~ hours). The Steam API can be really unstable so if this were done everytime it went down, auctions would constantly be paused and resumed.
  14. You mean going back to the "Removed by Staff - ' '" thing? Not sure about that since most of those raffles ended up with: 1. People just needlessly being "haha got banned, what a dumbass" 2. People wanting to know what was removed and in some cases, 3. People overreacting about who got banned and/or why and getting themselves banned in the process.
  15. 1. Since every year quite some people end up not submitting their gift correctly, how about a Banner or something that when clicked on, takes you to a page giving you a step-by-step on how to Submit your gift. 2. Make the Reroll happen earlier, with it happening on the last day it doesn't really give you time to change your gift in case you got a new recipient. 3. Increased Item Limit, maybe it could be earned/unlocked by doing something specific during the event so then those who want to give more than 5 items will be able to do so. * This might just be me but maybe an option to only be a Santa during the event.
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