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  1. Gaia's Minion

    Make bids from your site inventory

    Suggested and rejected before. This would make Bidding take way longer than it should, since you'd have to deposit items in your Site Inventory and in cases something happens such as API being down, it would take a long time and you'd possibly just end up missing Auctions. Also it kinda would involve Bots trading with each other, which I'm not sure if it's possible.
  2. Gaia's Minion

    I need help

    Así es como lo tenias que haber echo con tus Hats la primera vez
  3. Gaia's Minion

    Please Help Me!!!

    1. For Questions, Doubts, Issues, etc. use Help & Support: https://forum.scrap.tf/support
  4. Gaia's Minion

    I need help

    1. For Questions, Doubts, Issues, etc. use Help & Support: https://forum.scrap.tf/support 2. Scrappy Dew is a Hat Banking Bot, not an User Storage bot, so that, and the fact it only has 6 items (kinda impossible for the Bots) make it clear that you just got scammed.
  5. Gaia's Minion

    Don't allow auction outbids by a scrap

    Don't really think so, I mean, obviously it wouldn't be like "HEY THIS AUCTION HAS A LIMIT OF X TIME" written on the Auction, but maybe it would be only the Auctioneer that gets to see what limit they chose. If it were to show everyone or something, then we'd basically go back to square 1, aka before the Sniping Prevention. I honestly don't see the limit being above an hour. Highly unlikely that people would really outbid each other for That long, the max amount I've seen (post Sniping Prevention of course) was around 15 minutes before everyone gave up and someone won.
  6. Gaia's Minion

    Don't allow auction outbids by a scrap

    Except that wouldn't really happen ever. Besides, right now the whole deal with time increasing is being tested, there'll likely be a limit implemented in the future. Also if you don't want to be outbid by a scrap you could just bid smart. And what's next? Make people bid Double the Min Bid before their bid gets taken in account? This would be a totally different type of auction.
  7. Gaia's Minion

    Bump raffles.

    I mean, this would end up in the same thing since everyone would bump their raffles
  8. Gaia's Minion

    Fix rule related roles

    I don't see it as a negative label, sure, some people use it as such, but that's on them. While that's true for the most part, they Can indeed hurt others. Can't count how many I've seen those comments on raffles that have serious topics, completely disregarding the message of the raffle without a care. And believe it or not, comments like that can make the raffler feel worse than they already were. But then it'd end up being the same thing but with a different word, instead of "(!) Users this and that" there'd be "Blue Users this and that". Plus it would kinda mess things up, since they'd be grouped up, how would you know exactly which users are "aware" of how things work on the site, the do's and don't's, etc. from the ones who have just joined the site and are clueless? How would exactly the Staff see if an user read the rules or not?
  9. Gaia's Minion

    Where did all these other rafflers get custom emotes?

    There's a Custom Emote Suggestions: You can, as the name states, suggest custom emotes there and then you just wait until they get accepted
  10. Gaia's Minion

    Delete Megaraffle

    Ah yes, not even providing any kind of reason as to Why it should be done. 10/10
  11. Gaia's Minion

    Another "report" option.

    You can use "Other Reason" for that, that's what I do. And you can also use it for any other thing that is not listed in the "Reason:" list.
  12. Gaia's Minion

    Auctions used as a Trade offers.

    You reckon? I remember being told something along the lines of "They're looking for offers on the item auctioned so while the Minimum Bid is extremely high, it's not exactly against the rules" Good to know they can be reported though!
  13. Gaia's Minion

    Auctions used as a Trade offers.

    So are they "reportable" now?
  14. Gaia's Minion

    Auctions used as a Trade offers.

    Sadly those kind of "Auctions" can be made and you can't really report them or anything, as I've been told multiple times, "Auctioneers have the right to set the Min Bid to what they want, you are not forced to Bid on their Auctions". What you can do though, is report auctions who straight up break the rules such as asking for donations, advertising trades (example: https://scrap.tf/auctions/58SLFG ), etc. But setting a Min Bid too high is not against the rules or anything like that
  15. Gaia's Minion

    I Got Scammed And Didn't Get a Refund.

    1. If you already posted on: https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/34-refunds/ then just wait. 2. The link you posted automatically redirects to the Trade Offers of whoever clicks on the link, not to Yours. So you have to take screenshots of the trade that makes you think you got scammed.