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  1. It's not scamming and there's nothing to fix. The prices of those taunts are 1 year old. If you look at their classifieds you'll get a better idea of their actual price (i.e. the Yeti Punch, people are selling for 3.6 keys and buying for 2.6 keys) And that's without mentioning that obviously scrap isn't going to pay full price for unusuals, they buy at a certain discount because if they paid full price then people would just exploit the bots and leave them with overpriced unusuals that people are never going to buy.
  2. That'd just be a bit of a "screw you" to people who have expensive/rare items. Also as much as I'd like it to make people use Auctions properly, this won't really do that, there still will be bad auctions.
  3. I'm aware of this, and you can also make it faster by just right-clicking on the skin on the Trade Window and then clicking on "Inspect In-game". But well this also is a bit of a jerk thing to do because you're just "messing" with the bot, constantly making trades but never accepting or declining any of them.
  4. Nope, you have to unbox it in strange quality
  5. Not a bug. The limit is for when you're Depositing items, but when you Receive items via other means, there's no limit, this is because in the case of Auctions, it could pretty much screw up bids and such.
  6. Before you Create an Auction, you get a Pop-Up that states: So you can't just "regret" making your auction after you've accepted that you're aware of what your auction is going to be like.
  7. I'm fairly certain that this has been suggested before, I even remember editing a picture to show how it could be done, though I can't seem to find the post nor the picture. But anyways, while it certainly would be useful, I don't think it might be possible as it could/would require modifying CKEditor, which as far as I know, Jesse can't really do. (This is also why things like categorizing emotes also can't be done). An alternative would be maybe making it a notification/error, so if you reach the limit, you get a notification/error saying so, i.e. "You've reached the Character Limit! (2506/2500)".
  8. 1. You have at least 2 chances to see your raffle and decide if you're really okay with it or not. 2. How would you even accidentally raffle an Unusual?
  9. Just came across this. If an item is both Festivized and Spelled, the icons overlap.
  10. Not a bug. The auction had a 2 Keys insta-buy and the current bid (which seems to be the same in your screenshot) is priced at 2 Keys 1.88 Ref, surpassing the Insta-Buy and making the auction end immediately.
  11. Been suggested before (though can't find the post atm). Unfortunately it can't be done.
  12. Fabricators already have a sign that they're fabricators (on the bottom right) and if you hover over them, you'll see that they are Fabricators. Killstreaks, Festivizers and Spells have their own different sign as well. The site can't really hold your hand that much.
  13. Editing/Deleting your own comments has been suggested a couple of times, it'd lead to issues such as people commenting stuff that breaks the rules, then quickly editing it once they're called out, avoiding warns/bans. As for raffles, this would also be exploited, i.e. raffling slightly expensive stuff, wait until you get some Tips and then cancel the raffle so you don't lose anything.
  14. And for dog lovers, :sdvdog: https://i.imgur.com/o5dgDGT.png
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