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  1. 1. Since every year quite some people end up not submitting their gift correctly, how about a Banner or something that when clicked on, takes you to a page giving you a step-by-step on how to Submit your gift. 2. Make the Reroll happen earlier, with it happening on the last day it doesn't really give you time to change your gift in case you got a new recipient. 3. Increased Item Limit, maybe it could be earned/unlocked by doing something specific during the event so then those who want to give more than 5 items will be able to do so. * This might just be me but maybe an option to only be a Santa during the event.
  2. People are going to complain no matter what, Blacklist Refined and then they'll complain about getting Hats, Blacklist Hats and they'll complain about getting cheap Stranges and so on and so forth. Also chances are, some of the people who complained also gifted a ref or so themselves so they're only upset because their "plan" didn't go as they expected.
  3. That requires you to already know their id though or their custom profile, and the latter could be a bit troublesome if the user changes it often. I believe they're suggesting something like going "@J" and then users whose names start with J will appear in a list to choose from.
  4. It's like matches were randomized or something like that.
  5. -There really isn't a "just ignore them" mentality or anything, as you said you can report them and even delete their comments, if they don't learn, then another report would ensure that they get banned for keeping that attitude. -As you said, it'd also be used improperly and could lead to drama about who has X user blocked and such. -The system you propose sounds pretty much like just regular reports and would give similar results, difference being a Report gets people banned from the site, whereas a Block would make it so the user in question doesn't interact with You and they could very well just change "targets"
  6. It's not possible atm, but you can just go to: https://scrap.tf/cards/36 and search there, you can search for name of the game or name of the card.
  7. Would probably just be too complicated with the amount if items and variations that exist. Could take too long as Auctioneer to search through all the possible items that people might bid and you don't want. And you'd also have to take variables in consideration, what if the item has multiple qualities and each is worth a different amount? What if the items have added extras (paint, strange parts, ks, spells)? Would you be willing to miss on them even if they'd result in a nice profit for you?
  8. Could be easily abused, Auctioneers could just make it so every bid must be worth at least twice as much as the one before in order to get as much profit as possible.
  9. Skins need to meet certain requirements in order to be priced by the site, it's not like they just have a "Price every skin" button that they could press.
  10. You have: 1. From Nov 20 to Dec 6 to sign up 2. From Dec 7 to Dec 8 to confirm your sign up 3. From Dec 9 to Dec 22 to submit your gift Multiple opportunities so you don't mess up, if you still fail to give a gift, then you kinda deserve the ban from the event. Also, Grinches were given extra chances during previous years and yet some of them still ended up getting event banned for not giving gifts.
  11. Also, requesting the removal of :stardewplush: , :sdvcat: and :sdvdog:
  12. If you get a shiny pokémon, name them after me In all seriousness, maybe a Ground type. Also you probably should link this post in a raffle to get more attention since only a few people check the Forums
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