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  1. Welcome to the Forums, the part of the site that only about a dozen people actually check.
  2. Doubt so, the prices for skins can't really be suggested or anything, another system is used to price them.
  3. As it is a strange skin, chances are Scrap doesn't have a set price for it and as such, can't really buy it or sell it.
  4. Well it looks like you got it to work now
  5. https://scrap.tf/help/kb/189
  6. I mean, considering how these methods seem to work, why would they?
  7. You basically need Gift Copies of games to be able to sell them to the site. Gift Copies however have been discarded by Steam and so games nowadays don't have that option.
  8. There's no site that pays you the full price for your items, they all pay lower so then they can try to sell it for full price and make profit. You could always try to look through the classifieds in bp.tf most bots tend to buy items only for a scrap or two off.
  9. Honestly I don't see the point in continuing to try and please all the people that want to "chill", Server 2 has already been changed to their will and they still complain so even if you made a dedicated server for them, they will complain eventually. Plus a server where everyone is invincible and isn't playing at all just sounds pointless, if people just want to talk to other users and such, they could just use the Scrap Chat. And on a personal note, I think that if you're just going to be friendly but you're going to get upset at anyone that kills you, then you shouldn't play at all. I get that some people can actually get toxic but that is reportable, but people playing in a different way compared to you is not a valid reason to want a server exclusively for you.
  10. When a trade offer is declined, the site tells you with a pop-up. So if You aren't declining the offers then it might mean your account has been compromised.
  11. Doesn't seem like you quite understand. You accepted a Fake trade offer and this usually means your account has been compromised.
  12. So on your own, you cancelled the trade offer that would've given you ref in exchange for your key, and proceeded to send an offer to a fake bot where you basically gave away your key?
  13. Not an issue nor wasting your metal, the site will always buy stuff for less so they can then sell it at a profit, in this case it'd be a 2 scrap profit.
  14. You can see the real offer at the bottom, you accepted a trade offer from a fake bot which likely means your account has been compromised.
  15. You conveniently took pictures before getting scammed?
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