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  1. Gaia's Minion

    Painting hats should increase the price

    -Why it'd be bad/hard to implement: There's no way of accurately price painted items (bp.tf only gives you an estimate) so it'd be quite difficult to price them at a price which would seem fair and would also be profitable for the site. If they price them too low, people wouldn't want to sell their painted hats. If they price them too high, people would mass-sell their painted hats and since the site has to make profit, they'd be sold for more, which would result in no one buying said painted hats, them staying on the bots for a long time and a loss for the site. You actually provided an example of how this would be difficult, you say you got a 45 ref item that nobody wants, so why, after knowing that people don't want to buy it for 45 refs, do you think that Scrap.tf would 1. Actually pay you 40 or so refs for it and 2. Manage to sell it for 45 refs?
  2. Gaia's Minion

    Killstreak Skins/ Awper Hand

    There's nothing to fix, Scrap.tf doesn't buy/sell things like the AWPer Hand (reskins) nor KS Weps/Skins.
  3. Nope, that's most likely a scammer pretending to be a scrap.tf bot.
  4. Gaia's Minion

    Trading Card Bot suggestion

    The Steam API and the TF2 API/Services are not really the same thing.
  5. Gaia's Minion

    Trading Card Bot suggestion

    The issue seems to be the Steam API so adding bots wouldn't really solve things. The Steam API It isn't exactly stable so as you can imagine, it can make trading for Cards (Steam Items) to be harder and take longer than it should. Adding bots would probably just end up in all of them not trading fast enough due to again, Steam API not loading and thus, people would still be stuck in queues. Also it could end making things take even longer. For example, with set of cards being distributed to different bots. So say you want to buy a set of 9 cards, bot 1 ends with 4 of those cards, bot 2 with 3 and bot 3 with 2. You'd have to get on 3 queues to get them all instead of just on 1. And if you think that the bots could just trade with each other to avoid things like that, I don't think that's possible, and if it was possible, the Steam API would just come into play again and then the bots probably wouldn't be available to buy/sell cards for a while.
  6. Gaia's Minion


    The current system is to make people really think about what they say before posting it. Sure, maybe a big difference won't get made if people just keep deleting their own comments, but you'd basically be telling them that they can just say whatever they want and then just delete it and not get any repercussion for their actions.
  7. Gaia's Minion

    Removing/Changing the default raffle length time

    And it would look like this:
  8. Gaia's Minion

    Dark theme "problem"

    I don't know, while yes in Default/White theme is more noticeable: In Dark Theme is still noticeable enough:
  9. Gaia's Minion


    And then have it end up with people breaking rules in comments (i.e. asking for donations, advertising trades, being rude to others, etc.) and then deleting said comments over and over again so they don't get banned/warned
  10. Gaia's Minion

    Find a solution to fake bots into entering your site

    Don't really think he messed with the bot or anything, he just changed his alt to look like a Scrap.tf bot, then that alt sent you an offer for your unu, which you then accepted. If you've been on this site for 4 years then how come you didn't find suspicious that you still had a Trade Offer even though the real bot canceled it on the site? You'd have to be familiar with how things work on the site by now. Not really much that the site can do for you since the site isn't responsible for what happened.
  11. Gaia's Minion

    following users

    Suggested before:
  12. Gaia's Minion

    Painted Cosmetics

    Because it's hard to accurately price them
  13. How did you come with this conclusion? A lot of people win Steam items and have withdraw them with no issues. Technically yes but it's not like the API is extremely buggy or something, so you'll most likely never be unable to withdraw Steam Items for 2 weeks. Not really, people are aware of this, is just that most of the talking regarding this is done here via Support Tickets. 1. You make it sound like Rafflers do it on purpose and are out there looking to make others suffer 2. Forfeitting your winnings would/could kinda backfire, it'd discourage people from raffling when they see notifications basically saying "they didn't want your items". Not to mention you'd basically look like a choosing beggar.
  14. Gaia's Minion

    Refund/Regift Premium Gift

    Yeah that'd be good as well
  15. Gaia's Minion

    Refund/Regift Premium Gift

    While I'm sure that most people wouldn't mind a Premium Gift, I think you should be able to Refund or Regift a Premium Gift that you get. For example in my case, I got SP hours ago, and while I appreciate it, I also kinda feel bad that I got it. I was okay with just Premium and had no future plans of getting P+ or SP so really wish I could refund it to missingno, or at least be able to send it to someone else. And maybe even a Reject option, might be seen as rude but it'd be for cases like "I'm leaving the site so send the gift to someone else", "I'd like to get to P/P+/SP on my own" or like in my case, "I appreciate the gesture but I'm okay with my current rank".