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  1. Gaia's Minion

    Site Inventory for Public raffles

    It's been suggested and rejected multiple times before (will post them below). But Jesse said in some of them: "Site inventory works a lot different from raffle bots. Raffle bots came first, then site inventory. It would be easy to port raffles to use site inventory, but there are a few drawbacks: Site inventory seems to be a lot less reliable than raffle bots. (I'm not the one that can fix this, Geel is) Site inventory only supports TF2 currently so raffles would follow that."
  2. Gaia's Minion

    Show a character limit~

    Maybe it'd be like this (if it's possible of course): At the Top: As "Footer": Or below your text: (Sidenote, the words are "wrong" because my laptop's language is Spanish )
  3. Gaia's Minion

    Heals for reals 2018?

    Your question should go here: https://forum.scrap.tf/support
  4. Gaia's Minion

    They should add a Mad Milk Emoji.

    As Kirby has posted, use the already open (well, it's closed atm) Suggestion designed for Emotes Suggestions. Since it's closed, just read the guidelines for Emotes so then you'll be able to suggest it once they're open again.
  5. Gaia's Minion

    (Secret Santa) Sign up as Santa Only

    Because I'm not in the event to get something, but to gift
  6. Gaia's Minion

    (Secret Santa) Sign up as Santa Only

    I'm sure that just like me, there's quite some people who are in this event basically just to give, not really caring about if they get something good or not. So I thought that maybe there could an option to sign up as Santa only, meaning you won't be anyone's Gift Recipient. Of course this would be for next year, unless it could be done for this year
  7. Gaia's Minion

    A "Join All Raffles" Button

    What not to suggest. A "join all raffles" button -- it has been suggested time and time again and will not be implemented. Don't be lazy.
  8. Gaia's Minion

    Auctions: Report Option for Auction maker

    That would take too much time to get done though, making it not be "worth it".
  9. Gaia's Minion

    Ability to bid other in-game items

    This would case quite some issues though, for example: 1. Bids would be a mess. So would setting up auctions since you'd have to allow/blacklist a bunch of stuff. 2. Scrap.tf would have to price all those extra items. A lot of the things you listed don't really have an equivalent in tf2 items/currency and can only be traded in the market. So if not treated carefully it could end up with people screwing auctioneers with overpriced stuff. 3. In the case of CS:GO items, it wouldn't work, remember the trade hold. So if you wanted to auction cs:go items you'd only be able to do so 7 days after depositing them. And in winning bids, it would kinda screw the auctioneer since they wouldn't be able to withdraw them for again, 7 days.
  10. Gaia's Minion

    Selling Or Buying Unturned Skins

    What not to suggest New types of banking/new services -- we have a pretty solid idea of what services are available to add, and will add them when we see fit.
  11. Because they can?
  12. Gaia's Minion

    [Idea] For mega raffle.

    1. People say it's bots due to people having both their Pfp and Username censored. This is just a Privacy setting: https://scrap.tf/settings#privacy that not a lot of people know about, thus leading to people complaining about "bots". 2. It's not suspicious at all, the Megaraffle gets around 100 items and lasts 3 days, so in those 3 days it gathers Thousands of entries, making your chances of winning extremely low, and yes, low enough for you to not win for about a year. 3. Disabling them wouldn't really do much since you can't see the entries (or just the Staff can see them) so you won't really be able to go "oh see? There were bots!" and such.
  13. Gaia's Minion

    fixed Can't bid skins on an auction, when is supposed to be allowed

    Not a bug. Scrap.tf added an option to blacklist Skins and War Paints on auctions, this option is enabled by default and thus, you can't bid them
  14. Gaia's Minion

    Notification And Noise Option

    Uh, though Bots got updated a while ago to stop sending Steam messages, that seems to be due to you having them added. And the sound when you get an offer is there to notify you of that, that you got an offer. Believe it or not some people tend to forget offers and so they end up just being idle in the Queue until their offer expires.
  15. Gaia's Minion

    cheated the site (scrap.TF)(marketplace.tf)

    You just got scammed. Those weren't real scrap.tf bots and thus, scrap.tf has no reason to give you anything back.