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  1. Doesn't seem like you quite understand. You accepted a Fake trade offer and this usually means your account has been compromised.
  2. So on your own, you cancelled the trade offer that would've given you ref in exchange for your key, and proceeded to send an offer to a fake bot where you basically gave away your key?
  3. Not an issue nor wasting your metal, the site will always buy stuff for less so they can then sell it at a profit, in this case it'd be a 2 scrap profit.
  4. You can see the real offer at the bottom, you accepted a trade offer from a fake bot which likely means your account has been compromised.
  5. You conveniently took pictures before getting scammed?
  6. Because otherwise people would be able to do things such as have bots to enter raffles and give themselves higher chances to win which would make them have an Advantage over other users.
  7. I meant the deal of advertising face it and/or your invite links as some peopple were doing in raffles This doesn't really answer much, again, as example, it seems that a big portion of csgo players use and encourage using faceit, how come no one talks about what is going on behind the curtain? Specially considering csgo has way more players than tf2.
  8. This falls under advertising so it's reportable. I'm curious however, if this is That bad, how come a lot more people aren't complaining/talking about it? After all faceit seems to host a wide range of games alongside tf2, with csgo apparently being one of the biggest there.
  9. 1. Use the Bug Reports section: https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/11-bug-reports/?do=add 2. Try to provide more information (i.e. if your Site Inventory is full/empty, if the users still have the items from the auctions, etc.)
  10. Just because you don't have any gift copies to sell doesn't mean it's useless nor that no one else has them either. There's still a fair amount of people with gift copies to sell.
  11. The paint itself is priced at around 16 refs atm, so your skin is likely at the 8-10 ref range.
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