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  1. What's with the bots not accepting un. taunts?

    For Questions, Issues, Doubts, etc. use Help & Support: https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/ Bots aren't buying Unu Taunts because their prices are still unstable.
  2. why so much bots in raffles?

    I'm aware of that, but again, Jesse has been banning a lot of bots behind the scenes, so even if they're either of the cases you described, chances are, Jesse already has dropped the Ban Hammer on them.
  3. Give us the option to cancel auctions.

    People still abuse it with keys even with 50% IF
  4. Give us the option to cancel auctions.

    Being able to do that would kinda make things worse. People just doing troll auctions, people canceling their auctions if they don't get enough profit, etc. If you don't want your items to be sniped, you can reject the bids. Or if you want to get rid of the whole problem, you can make a Price Suggestion on bp.tf so then the overpriced stuff will not be overpriced anymore.
  5. why so much bots in raffles?

    Those are people with Privacy on. You'd know that if you actually took like 3 minutes of your time to look through your settings and such. Jesse has been banning bots for a long time. And if you have seen any of the honeypot raffles, you'd see that there aren't a lot of bots. Last honeypot raffle only got like 2-3 bots, out of thousands of people who were on the site. So no, no such thing as "so much bots in raffles"
  6. Suggestion for scrap.tf auctions

    1) An "Accept bid" has already been suggested: 2) A "Sorting/Searching" system has been suggested before as well.
  7. Trying to withdraw items from multiple bots

    Had they been in the same category/divider/bot, you wouldn't have had any problem. Also, forgot to mention before, about what you said: This just can't happen, the bot doesn't send you its own items. The bots sends you the items that the Bidder paid on your Auction, so it's either the bidder pays and you get the full payment, or the bidder doesn't pay and you don't get anything. There's no way a bot would send you just a fraction of a payment made in one or more of your Auctions.
  8. Trying to withdraw items from multiple bots

    You are correct, they used to have roman numbers before, the new dividers were introduced on Jan 25th
  9. Trying to withdraw items from multiple bots

    There's already like an indication that your items are in different bots: The different items inside lines mean that they're in different bots, so as you can see, I had the war paint on one bot and the refined metal on another one.
  10. Idea for megaraffles

    https://scrap.tf/settings#privacy By default the Site hides your name and steam profile when you win a raffle so you look like a bot despite being an actual user.
  11. Idea to prevent auction sniping.

    Simpler ideas have been suggested and rejected before, the statement made is/was that "Sniping is part of Auctions", so while people hate it and stuff, it's not exactly illegal or anything, and in a lot of cases it can be countered by bidding smart. Now, for your specific idea(s), 1) You'd need to trade your items you want to bid to a Bot first, then set everything up, which would make Bidding be unnecessarily long. It would also be really hard to keep track of if everyone has their "bidding bot". The bot could stop working/work slowly if for example Steam Api goes down or the bot resets, meaning you would lose your chance at bidding on an auction or on multiple auctions. And remember that Bots have a limit when it comes to Auction items (or well, Site Inventory), most people have a limit of 5 Items. And that wouldn't be enough for bidding. 2) Extending the time limit has already been suggested and rejected before, it really wouldn't stop snipers since they could just do what they do and keep bidding on the last second, and even with your "ban" of bidders, there's always more than 1 sniper on auctions so it wouldn't be like, super effective. 3) Your blacklist suggestion could/would make it harder for people to bid on Auctions, it would need to be detailed instead of just "Quality". For example, imagine an Auctioneer blacklists "Unique" items, that gets rid of: Hats, Strange Parts, Taunts, Tools, Paints, ToD Tickets, KS Kits and even Currency (Scrap, Rec, Ref and Keys).
  12. Remove the ability to add weapons to raffles

    There's some keywords in there: "give stuff away in raffles." It's a giveaway, a Free giveaway, people can give away what they want/can afford to give away. It's like charity basically, some people can donate hundreds of dollars, while some can barely donate $5, but everything is appreciated no matter what. So again, if you don't like those raffles, just don't join them and problem solved.
  13. Raffle sorting

    Uhh... You mean like this?:
  14. Custom emote suggestions

    Been wanting to try and get an emote for a while so gave it a try and made something simple: :2sweet: or :toosweet: