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  1. Gaia's Minion

    pending Premium Purchase Bug

    It was brought to my attention by SalaDD that there's a bug with Premium Purchase. If you Disable Premium Gifts then this also makes it so you can't buy Premium for Yourself. (screenshot also provided by SalaDD)
  2. Gaia's Minion

    New Emote Suggestions Requirements/Guidelines

    Another thing that is kinda a given but it isn't written, Check if your Emote's Name isn't already used for another emote and Check if your Emote is not an already existing Emote (be it on Scrap.tf or on Steam).
  3. Bit bored so thought of a couple of new requirements/guidelines that could help with Emotes. * Reduce Removal Time. When they closed last time Jesse mentioned that a lot of emotes were going to be removed due to them being used Less than 100 Times in 6 Months. I suggest reducing the 6 Months to 3-4 Months. This would allow for multiple "cleanings" to be done throughout the year. *Check Your Emote(s) in 32x32. We know that we have to suggest Emotes at 128x128 but the Size used in the site is 32x32 so as you can imagine this reduction of size can result in the Emote not looking as it should. As example, I'll use :reapsmug:, in 128x128 looks like this: and in 32x32 looks like this: as you can see in this case things like the nose and mouth become hardly visible. So to avoid things like this, tell/encourage people to make sure their Emote(s) will look as desired both in 128x128 and in 32x32. * Keep Names Short. Try to keep names short for better accessibility to Emotes. In this one I'll use one of my currently suggested emotes as example: I could've gone with :rainbowboop: but as you can see it is quite long, so instead went with :rboop: to make it easier. With short names, you wouldn't have to worry about making typos or messing up the order of the words of an emote's name. *State your Emote's Usage. This is like "low priority" since it isn't That a big of a deal but seeing how some emotes seem to be suggested "just because", maybe users could say what the Emote(s) would be for, be it for personal use, raffle series, for someone else, etc. Could also help to "categorize" them when going through them and deciding which ones get added.
  4. Gaia's Minion

    Poll Improvements

    I think that maybe the 2 options could merge, so it'd be like: User is able to edit the Poll at any time, once they do they will have an option to Reset the Votes or keep them, the Users Voting will also have an option to leave their Vote or Change it after the Poll has been edited. The Maximum amount of edits allowed could be like 3, and next to the Poll Title, there will be an (Edited) text. I haven't really seen a lot of these tbh I feel like this would be a bit weird, I mean, how it'd look in the poll and/or the graph? What would be done for the Votes that the option(s) had? So I think that would be the way to go, mainly the Remove the poll from the raffle idea, and should it be possible for Staff, just straight up delete said poll.
  5. Gaia's Minion

    Warning message/filter words when creating auctions

    Auction Rule No.4 already says "Do not use auctions as trade listings or ask for offers on your items." so it's kinda on them. A warning wouldn't really work since most people will probably just click on "Yes" without a second thought, or if they read it they'll likely not know exactly what is "anything not allowed" and would be like "looks alright to me". And if it's filtered then they'd end up not knowing that asking for offers is wrong and/or that the word is filtered. For example, look at the amount of people who ask for Tips and don't know that saying Tip disables the Button.
  6. Gaia's Minion

    Poll Improvements

    This'd be nice, it could show the votes as ??? and the graph as just grey, then it could show the results at the end of the raffle or after a set time. It might be a pit pointless imo since most people don't really know how to access a poll's link. This one would probably create some lag, specially on mobile, and with Polls that have a lot of options/votes. And this one would need to include a resizing option, else raffles would be longer due to the multiple polls. As for the rest, they're great
  7. Gaia's Minion

    Poll Improvements

    A couple of ideas for the Poll System. 1. Settings. A couple of options to modify your poll, options like: Add/Remove option, Reset Votes and Delete Poll. These would be available at the Polls Page (which would have to get a direct, easy way to access it) and they'd be small buttons next to the Poll Title, like: 2. Show your Vote(s). A small indicator of what option(s) you voted for. 3. Change Colors. When hovering over the Graph, show an option (kinda like the one when changing text color) to change the color of the sections of the Graph. *4. Show Results as %. Be able to toggle if you want to see the results as normal, or as % in the graph. Ofc I don't know exactly how easy it'd be to modify the system with things like that, but it's worth a shot
  8. Gaia's Minion

    Auction Holding

    First, 24 hrs is not short at all and second, this "hold" would lead to: 1. Auctioneers setting really short times to pressure the Bidder to pay as fast as possible and/or to get a bidder banned just so they don't lose their items. 2. Bidders manipulating/taking advantage of the Auctioneer to get an indefinite amount of time and not pay quickly. 3. Bots ending up full due the amount of items in "hold".
  9. Gaia's Minion


    That's just extremely harsh for no reason. Like it used to say in reports, the Tip Button being disabled is enough. And like, for example, would you like if you had gotten banned when you posted Emotes without reading the Guidelines?
  10. Gaia's Minion


    What are you on about?
  11. Gaia's Minion

    Custom emote suggestions -- Now open

    Finally decided to fix it :gsflint:
  12. Gaia's Minion

    Custom emote suggestions -- Now open

    Have seen some people wanting other colors, of course I don't think we could add all of them so why not have one that covers all the colors? :rboop:
  13. Gaia's Minion

    Custom emote suggestions -- Now open

  14. Gaia's Minion

    Custom emote suggestions -- Now open

    It isn't showing as apng for me, just png, also remember the transparent background
  15. Gaia's Minion

    Custom emote suggestions -- Now open

    Since it seems it wasn't seen, I'll post again. I'd like to request the removal of the :toosweet: emote due it not being used a lot by me nor by anyone else (from what I've seen).