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  1. Like https://scrap.tf/auctions/mine?
  2. Something that just started happening, in my own raffles the Twitch Button has moved for some reason, instead of being under my pfp and desc. as usual, it went to the middle of the line: But it also likes to go to the bottom right corner of the "stats box": It switches between those positions. EDIT: The Bid Items button also seems to be moving: Though this one goes back to its normal position after refreshing a couple of times. EDIT 2: The Password box doesn't move but it changes size:
  3. Suggested and Rejected multiple times before.
  4. Recently noticed that when opening an Auction Report, the Auction Link does not show up. It shows up in the "list" of reports: But in the report itself, it just shows a blank space: For comparison, User and Raffle Reports show a link of the user or raffle that you reported:
  5. But this wouldn't solve any of the issues that it'd cause. Also, people who bid and then fail to pay get banned so that's more than enough. You said it yourself, this is just more complicated, too complicated to be implemented or probably even considered.
  6. 1. This would really affect most bidders a lot because most people only have a Limit of 5 Items for their Site Inventory so that doesn't really give a lot of room for people to bid unless you're at least P+. 2. As you said this would make the bidding process be longer than it should be. Say you're about to deposit items for a bid but someone raises the bid, you'd have to withdraw what you deposited/cancel the trade for what you were going to deposit and then choose the items again plus more to compensate the raise of the bid. Not to mention it'd be even longer due to the amount of people who'd be in the queue to deposit their bids. And then there's also times where Steam goes down or the Bots reset which would also make it take a lot longer. 3. Bots could/would end up being full. 4. It would require bots to trade with each other which would slow them down or straight up make them not work for a while.
  7. But again, wouldn't be for too long, with the amount of people who also want to sell their csgo skins, it could very well end up full in a day or 2. Not to mention that the real issue is the Trade Hold that Valve added to csgo items so it doesn't have to do much with the bot.
  8. That would just complicate bidding and make setting up an IF be longer than it should as well. Since you said for other items, then that means an Auctioneer would have a long list to set up with different IFs for each type/quality of items. Then as a bidder, let's say you want to bid multiple items that are worth 10 ref each and are of different qualities, you could end up with some of them being worth 8.5, some 7, some 5 and some 10, would be just a mess to decide what to bid. And there's also how it would look like in an auction, would all the IFs be shown, would only 1 IF be shown?
  9. Wouldn't really solve the issue as that bot would likely get full quickly as well.
  10. Are there more cases of this? Would help to avoid suggesting things that you can't really control/change/edit/etc.
  11. Small example of how it'd look like: As I said, the Star would be Favorites/Recently Used/Most Used. *Also, I think Smiley should be replaced by Emote.
  12. This could also be a bit tricky. There are some emotes that are based on specific rafflers, but then there's others that represent rafflers but aren't exactly original creations, like and some more. So would they be on the "raffler" emotes tab even if they weren't created/invented by said rafflers? And also there's a lot of blob emotes based on rafflers, so would those blobs go on that tab instead of the Blob tab?
  13. The thing would be what exactly would be considered Video Game and what would be General. Like, most emotes are based on video game stuff (characters, items, etc.) so what exactly would the criteria be for them to be considered General?
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