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  1. Normally, there is a freak fortress server up. (I don't know what happened to it.) Unfortunately, Muselk and Tava are not planning to release the zombies plugin. It's a pity; I really wanted a zombies server too :/
  2. Yeah, donor perks on the server would be pretty great. It would probably incentivize more people to donate as well. Don't we have some basic rules already?
  3. I appear to have found a minor bug; when purchasing items from the Item Bots, the screen before the trade offer arrives that displays what items I will be paying for what I am getting has been displaying incorrect trades. Sometimes, I'm paying the normal amount, but for only some of my items, or maybe I'm paying a couple extra keys for the items I asked for. Luckily, this issue doesn't carry over to the actual trade offer, and the buying process goes by without any other issues. Thanks for reading, just thought I'd point it out
  4. I agree that deathrun is good, not so sure about Slender Fortress.
  5. What about making some (or all) of the servers instant respawn?
  6. Oooh, Convoy is a great map. That should definitely be included if we're doing a custom map server.
  7. I'd also be happy to make some raffles promoting any new servers.
  8. I'd recommend pl_abandonedupward. It plays similar to Upward but the map design is awesome. If you haven't seen any pictures, look them up.
  9. That'd be fun, but would require a lot of maintenance.
  10. Couldn't find it, so it's probably not released yet. I made a discussion in his group asking when it would be released.
  11. I'd also be happy to moderate a server, but I'm not on that much. (Mostly just on weekends.)
  12. Cool. I'd love to have a server running this plugin.
  13. Ok, so Zombie Fortress is different than the plugin I'm talking about, but I can't actually find the download for this plugin. Here's a video on the plugin, if you haven't seen it:
  14. Zombie Fortress? Is that the same as Muselk's Zombies gamemode?
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