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  1. Normally, there is a freak fortress server up. (I don't know what happened to it.) Unfortunately, Muselk and Tava are not planning to release the zombies plugin. It's a pity; I really wanted a zombies server too :/
  2. Yeah, donor perks on the server would be pretty great. It would probably incentivize more people to donate as well. Don't we have some basic rules already?
  3. I agree that deathrun is good, not so sure about Slender Fortress.
  4. What about making some (or all) of the servers instant respawn?
  5. Oooh, Convoy is a great map. That should definitely be included if we're doing a custom map server.
  6. I'd also be happy to make some raffles promoting any new servers.
  7. I'd recommend pl_abandonedupward. It plays similar to Upward but the map design is awesome. If you haven't seen any pictures, look them up.
  8. That'd be fun, but would require a lot of maintenance.
  9. Couldn't find it, so it's probably not released yet. I made a discussion in his group asking when it would be released.
  10. I'd also be happy to moderate a server, but I'm not on that much. (Mostly just on weekends.)
  11. Cool. I'd love to have a server running this plugin.
  12. Ok, so Zombie Fortress is different than the plugin I'm talking about, but I can't actually find the download for this plugin. Here's a video on the plugin, if you haven't seen it:
  13. Zombie Fortress? Is that the same as Muselk's Zombies gamemode?
  14. That could work with the prizes thing.
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