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  1. :kappa: suggestion because it was previously removed a couple years ago simply for "being a meme"
  2. Discord Tag: Pops#2118 Chrome dev tools? Familiar with, not skilled with. Experience? I have no prior experience in software testing.
  3. :winky: http://imgur.com/lhVkGdN
  4. Pops

    Buying Avatar Hats

    Ah okay, I see. But what about the idea of being able to buy hats? Would it be possible?
  5. Sounds pretty cool, I like the idea.
  6. Pops

    Buying Avatar Hats

    Forgot to quote in my reply.
  7. Pops

    Buying Avatar Hats

    Yes, that's what I mean by this, as an example, you couldn't get the "2015 Christmas hat" but there would be many different custom hats that you could purchase. The Event hats would still be exlusive to events. I guess I should have made it a bit more clear
  8. I just saw the new "Avatar Hats" tab under my profile, sadly I don't have any. So that got me thinking. I think it would be cool if you could purchase hats for your avatar.Maybe you could have a range of different hats that vary in price, depending on (for lack of better word) "cool" they look. Some could be gifs some could be still pictures.They could range from a couple refined to maybe a key? That would be a good price point in my opinion, depending on the hat.Just a neat implication I think would be cool for the site. Edit: This could be far fetched but maybe the community could make their own hats that they could sell. It would be pretty cool to see a vast variety of hats that you can buy that the community made themselves.
  9. :trump2: http://imgur.com/ekQlM4K
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