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  1. Apologies for hijacking your thread but I woke up at like 4 this morning because I wanted to write some things down to do with polls before I would go to sleep and forget about them. Poll edits Simple enough, users can edit poll titles or options if they misspell or forget an option or whatever, HOWEVER some limitations will be required to make sure they aren't going to make the poll bias by changing the title in the middle of an active poll. I figured that we could do this in 2 ways, the latter not being as good imo, but it's a way 1. Users can only edit polls when there are no votes on them This makes sense right, you make a poll and realise you said car instead of cat, this gives you the opportunity to edit your poll and correct your misspelling without creating another poll to correct it. This editing goes for options as well, and the ability to add/remove options is still available. BUT, once somebody votes on the poll, no more editing by the user. Polls are all unlisted anyway so it's really really unlikely that someone would find a misspellt poll and vote on it so this way users can edit polls as they please until they, or someone who has the link, uses it in a raffle and someone votes in it. This way they can't edit the title of the poll midway through and create bias on the results. Also this won't affect staff, they can edit the poll at any time if they deem any part of it rule breaking. 2. Allow users to edit their poll at any time, however the votes will be reset once they edit. This is a possible way to tackle the problem, however I don't think it's the best way to do so. It does allow users to edit their polls on the fly at the cost of removing the votes on it, but it seems a little redundant. Sure it would provide them with the ability to edit any misspellings at the start of the poll before too many votes are cast, but if there are hundreds of votes and you realise you said cats instead of dogs, why bother removing the progress of that poll when you can just make another one? Again, it's a possible way, however I prefer option 1 as it's more logical imo. Also if it does contain rule breaking content and a staff member edits it, then the poll gets reset over one option, which might be a good thing, but maybe not as well. Rule breaking polls These upcoming suggestions are more for staff edits than for users. If polls break rules they can be edited by staff once everyone is able to edit polls, sound enough. But we should probably add a couple of extra options to make sure that unintentional parts are removed entirely so that removing rule breaking content can be smoother. 1. Make some poll options unvotable This might sound weird at first but hear me out. If someone creates a poll with a rule breaking option, it gets removed by a staff member, no big deal. BUT, it would still be an option to vote for, and users would be able to vote for that option, and some would because they think it would be funny to have that option as the top voted. Simply put: if a poll contains an option with rule breaking content, allow the option to be edited to no longer display the rule breaking content, and "lock it" in a sense that nobody can vote for that specific option because they think it would be funny. I don't see the point of voting for an option that had been removed personally 2. Poll titles and poll removals If a poll has a rule breaking title, that can be removed just fine, however that kinda defeats the purpose of a poll if you don't know what you're voting for. 3 things need to be done in this situation. 1. Remove the title of the poll Fair enough, this makes sense 2. Remove the poll from the raffle If the poll has no title, there's no point keeping it in the raffle, it serves no purpose to vote for something when you don't know the question. Just remove it from the raffle, or like what Chemoeum suggested: have the ability to change the poll ID when editing a raffle, but just remove the ID or replace it with a stock poll ID. 3. Make the poll unable to be used in raffles again If a poll has no title, there's no point voting for it, and there's no point putting it back into a raffle for it to just be removed again. Perhaps either add an option to make the poll "private" so only the poll owner can view it (ie: nobody can view it and it can't be linked in raffles) or make it so that it can't be used in raffles again (ie: if it's tried to be added into a raffle it will not run the raffle because the poll is "marked" in a way). The first way makes it so that only the owner can see it, even if they link it on the site it will spit out an error if anyone but the owner tries to view it, but the second allows anyone to view it as long as they have the link to it. In both ways nobody can link that poll into a raffle. Ok, I'm done now.
  2. I know that suggestions are currently closed, but I just made a half-decent emote that I think would look great if added. IT ALSO LOOPS! :ablobroll: https://captain.feen.us/asxc3mz4.gif 128x128 png file: https://captain.feen.us/jpiexzy6.png
  3. Updating an old emote of mine :boop: --> https://captain.feen.us/25fadfa2.png
  4. I tried fixing the zomg emote. Not the exact same but it's higher quality than before. --> https://captain.feen.us/hb4ds2wg.png
  5. :blobpears: 128x128 https://captain.feen.us/bj5mbhfr.png Full size (539x593) https://captain.feen.us/0co32yrn.png (it looks better at 128x128) Found a pear pun with an adorable picture so I decided to redo the picture at a higher quality and (try to) turn it into an emote. The faces become really small on 32x32 so if they're too small I'll try separating the pears and re-suggesting for a more high quality pear.
  6. I might have found a smaller bug as well. Happens when posting comments. Dunno if it's intended but it's pretty bright for the dark theme.
  7. Another one I found: - The site inventory text being light on a light background:
  8. Yeah, the text is white on the premium page. Another thing I would like to add onto this is that when the webpage is shrunken to mobile-size (and possibly on mobiles too) any buttons pressed on the menu turns the background of the contents white instead of dark, as noted in the gif below (banking is the most affected): I am scouting for more of these graphical bugs, will reply if I find any more.
  9. Submitting this with the permission of Ben :blobben: https://captain.feen.us/hkndh6sx.png
  10. Updating emote for higher dpi :edgy: https://captain.feen.us/wnj0jd6p.png
  11. :csdblob: Higher res one below if you want a better DPI (128x128) https://captain.feen.us/29vr0t5s.png https://captain.feen.us/j6dxv3s3.png
  12. You're only allowed 3 emotes at a time. If you cut it down to just three then you should be all square. EDIT: ignore what I said, I can't read
  13. The donor room already exists. It's located at chat.scrap.tf under the join rooms tab.
  14. You're only allowed 3 at a time. If you cut it down to just three then you should be all square
  15. : milk : is already an emote on steam. Try a different code for it
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