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  1. I might have found a smaller bug as well. Happens when posting comments. Dunno if it's intended but it's pretty bright for the dark theme.
  2. Another one I found: - The site inventory text being light on a light background:
  3. Yeah, the text is white on the premium page. Another thing I would like to add onto this is that when the webpage is shrunken to mobile-size (and possibly on mobiles too) any buttons pressed on the menu turns the background of the contents white instead of dark, as noted in the gif below (banking is the most affected): I am scouting for more of these graphical bugs, will reply if I find any more.
  4. Maybe it's intended to show it when the raffle ends for everyone (including those that did not enter) but only shows it to those that entered. I don't know, it doesn't seem very clear. Then again it might just be me having a dumb moment.
  5. I was browsing raffles and I found one that told me to check the entered message for a link, but the raffle had already ended. Now you'd think that I was able to look at the entered message, even though I never entered the raffle, as it says right here https://forum.scrap.tf/topic/636-scraptf-changelog/?page=2#comment-36979 it was added on September 1st 2016. But no, I wasn't able to. This isn't necessarily a raffle that tells me to read the entered message but the same basis applies https://scrap.tf/raffles/VQMRW7 is the raffle in question. I checked prior and there is definitely
  6. That is perfectly fine. I was just posting the link for future reference in case you guys needed them.
  7. I know at this point in time we probably don't need server maps. We already have a huge amount. BUT, I *may* have found a website that is choc-a-block with even more of them. Including maps for custom gamemodes like Prop hunt or Death run. http://mirror.shana.sg/tf/maps/ Also obligatory "first" topic. It might provide some use for refreshing the map pool with a few other different maps for the same gamemodes. However there don't seem to be any links to plugins so some maps might be harder to implement than others. Either way, there's a bunch of maps on there if you want to have a loo
  8. This is also a small cosmetic only bug (Although it might not actually be a bug and is 100% intended, I have no idea) When you get your scrap.tf trade receipt it shows your avatar, right? I know that I have an uploaded avatar that is a rectangle (not a square), but that being said, isn't my avatar meant to be scaled to be a 1:1 ratio like other profile pictures? Of course this is only a small problem that doesn't have to be made a big deal, unless you're like me and overdo it just to prove a point: (Yes I know that was a bit far but it does show how
  9. I've tried different computers and different accounts but I still have blue. However it might be a problem on my side so I will check on it later.
  10. Another cosmetic bug, so it can wait. You know how if you donate to steamrep you get a blue bar saying that you donated? Or an orange bar if you're marked with a caution? Or a red one if you're marked as a scammer? Well I found an account that has both donated and marked as a scammer and the bar is... blue? https://scrap.tf/profile/Baloo I don't think that the bar should be blue if you're marked on steamrep, regardless if you donated or not, because it's misleading. It's like having a green stop sign. I think it's blue because the donation was first
  11. These are only cosmetic issues, so it can safely be moved down the priority list. The about page is perfect on mobile, when it's in landscape that it. In portrait, however, the statistics on the trades made, new users, total users, etc, merge together to make a cluster of numbers and text. A possible solution that I can see is to put the statistics in a different order. IE: the 4x2 makes it cluttered on smaller browsers, so why not make the stats change position orientation according to the window size, exactly like you've done with the 2 auctions on one line. So it c
  12. Granted, but it speaks Russian. I wish for a fan that can do both hot air and cold air.
  13. Granted, but that nice cup of coffee is packed in with as much sugar as it can absorb. I wish for a pillow that never needs to be washed
  14. Granted, but the bag also contains Kidney beans, Cannellini beans, Chickpeas, Lima beans, and Pinto beans. I wish for a paintbrush that doesn't require paint to function.
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