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  1. I got a ton, but the one for now is Fox and Gryphoon.
  2. No you. You are the cutest. 

    1. Anders .

      Anders .

      Brag, you and Fox are both cutes.

    2. Living Meme

      Living Meme

      no ander- I am not >~<

  3. *Hugs* I wonder if this will be seen


  4. Banned for not enough posts
  5. S t a y  D e t e r m i n e d

  6. Granted but it choaks you to death I wish I had couage to do what I wish what I could do.
  7. You get a million dollars but.. once a month for an entire day, you become your online ScrapTF persona Yes. 1) I can change my picture to something I would like to pretend to be- lets just say Sans because Undertale 2) If I were to become sans, I can move things with my mind and that is awesome...Not to mention teleportation. 3) I would be the new pun master of Scrap.TF You get a million dollars, but... no one will acknowledge you ever again No. 1) I like attention sometimes. 2) If I get any sort o
  8. Ello, buddy. Hows life goin' for ya? Doin' alright?
  10. Granted, but you and no idea has no idea what you wished for and will never learn what you wished for. I wish for a good night sleep
  11. banned because pokemon sucks.
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