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  1. I got a ton, but the one for now is Fox and Gryphoon.
  2. No you. You are the cutest. 

    1. Anders .

      Anders .

      Brag, you and Fox are both cutes.

    2. Glizzybeth


      no ander- I am not >~<

  3. *Hugs* I wonder if this will be seen


  4. Banned for not enough posts
  5. Granted but it choaks you to death I wish I had couage to do what I wish what I could do.
  6. You get a million dollars but.. once a month for an entire day, you become your online ScrapTF persona Yes. 1) I can change my picture to something I would like to pretend to be- lets just say Sans because Undertale 2) If I were to become sans, I can move things with my mind and that is awesome...Not to mention teleportation. 3) I would be the new pun master of Scrap.TF You get a million dollars, but... no one will acknowledge you ever again No. 1) I like attention sometimes. 2) If I get any sort of life threating injury, I will not be given medical treatment, and most likely die 3) I would become very lonely You get a Million dollars, butt- You have to dress up as the thing you hate the most for a month. You can partially change the appearance of your costume, but it has to be recognizable as to what it is. Bonus Million: For one week, you must attend a convention for the thing you are dressed up as and be seen by other patrons during the event. You can do whatever you want during said event.
  7. Ello, buddy. Hows life goin' for ya? Doin' alright?
  9. Granted, but you and no idea has no idea what you wished for and will never learn what you wished for. I wish for a good night sleep
  10. banned because pokemon sucks.
  11. Banned for not obeying the laws of gravity
  12. I should clean my sweatshirt. 

  13. Banned for also being a hypocrite.
  14. Why am I answering to a flying robo brain?
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