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  1. Speaking of 10th anniversary, what do you think they might do Australia party hats ?
  2. I really like the skin idea, although it may be difficult with the variation of skins, but maybe they can make it strobe lightly into negatives, just call it "Nightmarish Negative"
  3. If you'be played Tf2 for sometime, you would know a few Scream Fortress events back they added spells such as Spectrial Spectrum and the beloved Halloween fire for Flamethrower Although I do own a couple items such as a Spectral Spectrum Bills hat, I wish they would bring them back, and even make a few new spells and effects for both weapons and cosmetics If Valve gave the community, us, what spells would you like to see, or would you like to see added back into the game I would like to see Halloween fire once more Pic not related
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