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  1. Ronald_D_D

    fixed Killstreak Kit Overstock Exploit

    Yes. I tried it again. It said "You selected an invalid item, this attempt has been logged." I only tried because you asked. Thanks.
  2. Ronald_D_D

    fixed Killstreak Kit Overstock Exploit

    I was curious enough to try this and I think I can confirm, I was able to get the bot to also send me some trade offers for the (at the time) overstocked kits: (Obviously I declined the trades but the assumed exploit still works.)
  3. I also never logged in to backpack.tf and tried accessing these domains on different internet connections. Edit: On further testing, private mode in Chrome seems to have allowed me back in. I don't know for how long. Safari's private mode still does not. Non-private mode in both browsers still wont let me through. Edit 2: Yes, the error happens when it wants to check the browser again after the first time. Private mode stopped working again. Edit 3: I can access scrap.tf on this device again since the browser checker was removed. Backpack.tf still remains an error. Edit 4: The browser checker is now gone from backpack.tf and the device can now use these sites freely. Edit 5: The new browser checker works fine on this device!
  4. I don't know if this applies only to one of my phones/devices or to more. There seems to be a browser checking feature added on both scrap.tf (including forums) and backpack.tf. One of my phone devices running IOS 9.0.2 will load scrap.tf or backpack.tf once in any browser. (Tried with Safari and Chrome.) And it will load the browser checker just fine (when logged out or logged in, it didn't matter). However after an (unknown) amount of time (likely when it wants to check the browser again), all those domains return some "unknown error" (Safari) instantly. Refreshing instantly returns the error as if the browser was no longer valid. ERR_FAILED on Chrome instantly as well. Troubleshooting: The cookies and data was cleared, tried accessing in private mode uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome and still can't access any part of scrap.tf or backpack.tf on this device completely. This issue started when the site decided to start checking browsers which seems to be today or yesterday. It can't be related to my account since the browser checking starts when logged off. I only get 1 attempt on a new browser on this device (it checks once) and then can't access the site permanently after it decides to check again. That is my issue and I don't know if it applies to other devices.
  5. I'm making this suggestion due to raffle limit changes that have already been implemented in the past. A long while ago, the minimum amount of time allowed for a puzzle to be up was changed from 5 minutes to 1 hour. This was said to allow enough time for the puzzle to be fixed in case there were errors. However the entry limit can still be set to 1 entry (akin to private raffles). This sort of negates the 1 hour limit idea and has the potential for the raffler to be able to easily end the puzzle very quickly (through various means such as telling a friend the solution). A lot of the time (from my own perspective) I've not seen intentional 1 entry limit puzzles, a lot of those 1 entry limits turned out to be typos because raffler intended it to be more than 1 entry allowed. The public section already only allows a minimum of 10 entries. Shouldn't the puzzle section also have this too? An entry limit of 10 or maybe 5?
  6. Discord Tag: Ronald_D_D#4508 Chrome dev tools? Chrome is not my default browser but I am "somewhat" familiar with browser dev tools. I also do not monitor the network inspector. Experience? Only face value feedback from a user standpoint. Nothing to do with the underlying structure/specifics of software.
  7. Ronald_D_D

    fixed My Raffles Tab Not Showing Full Raffle History

    Possibly could also fix the entire of scrap.tf/raffles/history/ still not displaying anything for some users? Sorry if a bit off topic.
  8. Maybe not a whole hour but that would be nifty.
  9. Ronald_D_D

    A Couple of Questions about Moderating

    I can answer the 2nd question as I was told: Yes but it's trust/honor bound. And the 3rd question is probably that it's voluntary.
  10. Ronald_D_D

    Custom emote suggestions -- Now open

    Also, this one was for Lord Smile but I put it together: :csdcrown:
  11. Ronald_D_D

    Custom emote suggestions -- Now open

    Is that :csd3smile: on page 10 still good?
  12. The reply updating instantly would be a godsend because sometimes people send 2 notifications or even 3+ thinking that the reply didn't work.
  13. Ronald_D_D

    fixed Better Raffle Sorting Bug

    I have nothing installed. Both on mobile and desktop. This is on https://scrap.tf/raffles/history But https://scrap.tf/raffles/won and https://scrap.tf/raffles/mine work fine. Maybe this only happens to people who have entered quite a lot of raffles or maybe this might have to do with something else, that's my best guess. Edit: Yes, https://scrap.tf/raffles/history works for some people, but not for others. Presumably with a larger entry count. I don't know who this doesn't work for though. Edit 2: I myself can't see any raffle on the history page in any category. Which further makes me think it's the entry count. As I'm not getting any server errors probably due to failure to load anything.
  14. Ronald_D_D

    Custom emote suggestions -- Now open

    Some people say csdsmile is better than csd2smile and some say that csd2smile is better than csdsmile. How about this? :csdabom: (128x128) https://i.imgur.com/JHGoAiS.png Edit: Not sure if this counts as an "upgrade" using existing emotes, or this being a new emote. Edit 2: Maybe I shouldn't have posted it on this specific thread. Sorry. Edit 3: Some like it as :csd3smile:
  15. Ronald_D_D

    acknowledged Badges disappearing after the site is back up

    Hey neet, I also noticed that my Halloween profile theme is also gone too, presumably on the same day. Is that also able to be restored too? Thanks again. Edit: Thanks neet!!!