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  1. ive taken too many risks and lost so much XD im such a stupid person to fall into scams
  2. a ghostbusters minigame would be great also
  3. no but it could be one of many minigames in a minigame server!
  4. instead of having a lot of servers which no one will join, how about just have 1-2 servers that has lots of minigames in it? minigames should include : deathrun, freak fortress, dodgeball, prop hunt , custom maps and stock valve maps also, i would love to be a server mod because i myself do not very like mean people and players which ruin the fun and delay games for other players. we also can do a hat raffle everyday and if they want to join the raffle in the server they can type a command and join the raffle, for example if they want to join a raffle in the server they
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