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  1. Yeah so I just finished a quest and clicked the "Attack the evil entity" a bunch of times to rid my self of points but i'm not sure this is suppose to happen to my points Edit: Points did go back to 0 but kind of a weird glitch
  2. Its not, its actually hiding behind the wing sadly. ;-;
  3. I got a better of mine in now :bluepone: Original 128x128
  4. Yes i'm talking about the site chat or "Cuddle Box v10"
  5. I like the feature where you're able to close a photo or .gif in the scrap.tf chat with the little "x". I just find it weird how we cant do the same for video's though. I'm just suggesting we add the same feature to videos as we do to photos/and or .gifs Sorry if this is short, it's my first time suggesting something. Thank you if you do happen to read this.
  6. Kangobuild


    So I made a raffle recently that used a image in it.I started wondering why can't I have the image on the page instead of linking it to some website? So my suggestion is, wouldn't it be cool if you can put images on the raffle page instead of having to link them to another website like imgur or the steam community? - For anyone reading, thank you for taking your time to read this.
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