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  1. An exert from my latest short story (unfinished): Herman, a youthful fellow with little foresight, wanders into the dampened depths of the sea labs. His phone vibrates furiously, it was his father, Master Quinn, a man of high ambitions and authority, for he was ranked first in the global economist magazine “the charge”. Herman picks up the phone, sighing as he declares “what is it father? I am quite busy at the moment, scouting out for “ideas”.” He throws the phone into his holster, slowly walking towards sector vena of the sea labs. Meanwhile, Master Quinn awaits his “package” as I, the humble servant, tend to cleaning this magnificent manor of scientific discovery. Master Quinn walks in a drunken stupor, commenting on how much he despises Herman’s antics, acts that violate the federal law. I approach Master Quinn, asking if he requires anything, but I only get the reply of “quiet servant, can't you see I am in a state of ecstasy?” Master Quinn now paces around his entryway, expecting his delivery to arrive, but to no avail. I decide to call our “retailer”, a businessman by the name of Anderson, the CEO of Globexen Industries. Mr. Anderson finally replies to our call, mentioning how the shipment was lost at the naval base, “sea labs”, in the middle of the Atlantic. Now back to Herman, it had been 5 hours since his last ration was consumed and his hopes were decreasing rapidly. According to common rumors on the IRS feed, “seas of liberty”, the sea lab cafeteria lies within sector vena. And so, Herman continues to explore the cavernous and abandoned labs, noting the strange creatures, with human-like appearances, floating outside in the ocean. Suddenly, gunfire ensues and Herman clenches his bag, a leather coated satchel with a self-encoding lock attached, running towards the vena labs as the chambers behind him collapse under Poseidon’s mighty wrath. Narrowly he escapes, closing the airlock behind him, checking his phone to see 35 new messages, 10 of which are from Master Quinn. Again, Master Quinn calls his son, this time yelling angrily and cursing vulgarly, accusing him of not paying the shipping fees, 27 USD, to Globexen Industries.
  2. Wii U
  3. You see now, there is no purpose to this post. It may be a status update, but perhaps not? Look closer, it's an announcement (I will be inactive for 2 months (raffle wise) and will seldom visit chat) 

    1. VTmoon


      Will miss you bud, enjoy your scrapcation.

  4. Not yet, still needs to secure the realm of, for it is still in beta.
  5. Fun fact: this section is for status updates, not a place to complain or ask questions. 


    (now, back to business)

  6. Granted, but your parts won't fit inside any case. I wish for nothing.
  7. Note: This is not for reporting your problems with Secret Santa, please go to the help and support tab for that, Thanks.

    (I really don't enjoy seeing a bombarding of support requests here)  

  8. "But who will guard the guardians?"-Juvenal

  9. Banned for having seen this text, next time pay attention to some other text.
  10. I'm addicted to playing Deus Ex. Thanks Obama (a bit ironic given the theme of the game to make a joke about the governmental systems in America.)
  11. covered
  12. soulless corpse
  13. I have decided to start making parody/imitation raffles, just suggest a raffle series and I will make a imitation raffle of that series. 

    Thanks for reading,


    1. Shiny Substitute

      Shiny Substitute

      Wouldn't mind in the least if you did a take on Objectionable Content.

  14. Note: my next few raffles will be starting a ARG, feel free to ask me any questions about the event and if you want to participate, just pm me in chat. 

    Thanks for your time, 


  15. My poetry goes on the forms until I can raffle, first an exert from my short story. exert from war of time: " It was a rainy afternoon, as usual, in the small town of Vilenan, a town which appears to be uncharted. Bullets of nature fall near the clustered villas and venues, seemingly aging and deteriorating under the harsh winds. One such venue contains a lonely traveler, about 35 in age, carrying a leather bound journal in one hand and a sharpened blade in the other. His leather trench coat slowly sways as he begins to depart his seat, depositing the unknown novel, and extracting a cellular device from his worn pocket. Suddenly he realizes that his phone is completely disabled, proceeding to yell “why, why, why?”. Allured by the noise, a masked entity approaches, surrounded by the guise of darkness, seemingly paranormal in nature. In a low, deepened pitch the figure says “I believe we can compromise, Sir”, as he leaves a briefcase on the table. Eyes widened,the traveler agrees to the figure’s deal and hands over the journal in a non discrete fashion, clenching the newfound wealth in fist."