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  1. How about that airplane food, eh?(insert laugh track) 



  2. well, I guess I should say it here too, thanks for everything on the journey of life, but today I must depart from this site, so this is good-bye and good vibes from the zany doctor. 

  3. Well, here we are again,

    another obligatory post,

    another normal day. It is the intent of this post to explain my infrequency with raffles, so I'll break it down, currently I do a 6-9 shift daily with 5 hours of machining and the rest as classes, so I do wish to apologize for such blank promises of consistency in raffling as well as hope that the day is enjoyable to all who decided to read this.

    Thanks and apologies from that Doctor, Doctor Quasar

  4. Salutations,

    [witty expression],

    raffles from me should be back in swing, this time weekly, not bimonthly or trimonthly like they've been for a while. 

    Anyhow, if you decided to read this,  then I do condone you and wish a pleasant day/days. 

  5. Believe it or not, this account still sees activity (even after posting an official statement of departure)...

    So I shall leave a message to the pariahs;

    "To be lost in one's self is to be blind, one must understand themselves before venturing forth into the realms of the earth, before meeting new faces, before understanding the pathos." 


  6. Time taketh as time giveth, yet the essence of what was once shall remain imbued within the soil of society; a life may end, but yet a new being is formed from the the ashes of olden and forgotten, a name which no eye can see ascribed into the text of our universe. 

  7. Insanity, tis' a slow journey through the narrowing channels of desire, leading to the seas of despair with waves of mania, a joy of which simply knocks the ship of thoughts into a harsh wind of reality, crashing deeper into the seas, filling the deck with a brine of uncertainty. Yet this barge cannot sink with the hands of sailors manning the sails and tending to the brine aboard, however, if it sinks, there is a chance of redemption via recovery, the social life can begin anew, but this boat shall always sink if there is no man aboard to clean the decks and man the sails.

  8. Personally have a love for the western rat bike, thing looks amazing (after respraying and applying mods), engine has a nice hum when running, and has a decent speed when in a wheelie (without the wheelie, it's pretty slow)
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