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  1. Fume

    Add a "blobnom" hat

    Never thought about it, great idea!
  2. Fume

    Custom emote suggestions -- Now open

    For when the suggestions are open again! :blobfume: I want to replace with this one since it's not my avatar anymore and no one uses it
  3. I just ate a sandwich... yeah.

  4. Fume

    Word by word story.

  5. Fume

    Custom emote suggestions -- Now open

    First time suggesting giantdad osu
  6. Fume

    Shebby's Official QnA

    What's your favorite color?
  7. Fume

    TF2 servers suggestions

    Trade center could be nice A South American server for the users from there Freak fortress Something with rtd or workshop maps Randomizer those are my only ideas