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  1. Fumetsu

    Add a "blobnom" hat

    Never thought about it, great idea!
  2. Fumetsu

    Custom emote suggestions

    For when the suggestions are open again! :blobfume: I want to replace with this one since it's not my avatar anymore and no one uses it
  3. I just ate a sandwich... yeah.

  4. Fumetsu

    Word by word story.

  5. Fumetsu

    Custom emote suggestions

    First time suggesting giantdad osu
  6. Fumetsu

    Shebby's Official QnA

    What's your favorite color?
  7. Fumetsu

    TF2 servers suggestions

    Trade center could be nice A South American server for the users from there Freak fortress Something with rtd or workshop maps Randomizer those are my only ideas