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  1. I was gonna make my own thread on this, but I suppose I'll add to this one. When selling weapons, the "Only show duplicates" button doesn't work. The same goes for buying weapons, where "Hide items I have" doesn't work. https://imgur.com/qyMUoYI
  2. Not only is this in the wrong format, but it's also the wrong resolution and way too big of a file size. I fixed this for you. The frame rate had to take a considerable hit, but it's just barely under the 50 KB mark. Ladies and gentlemen, the "improved": :smugdance: I also have an imgur link for you to see it in action: https://imgur.com/a/Qvls01P
  3. How many Jan emojis do we have? Eight? Nine if we include ? Yeah, we could use some more. :janlaugh:
  4. I didn't know that was possible. I looked for "killstreak" instead of "kit". Thanks!
  5. So you can't find that one killstreak kit on the killstreak banking. Could someone be auctioning it? You go to the search page to see if it's being auctioned. However, you can't look for killstreak kits in the search bar. Is there some way this could be implemented?
  6. UPDATE: My actual profile page suddenly went blank, but now the box in the settings actually works. I hope this doesn't happen again when I go to re-type my description.
  7. I was updating my profile description to add a Google doc of raffle series I made, but then I went back to the settings to add "and tip milestones." Doing this reset the color, so I went back again and added the BBCode for color, saved it, and the entire section in the settings was wiped clean! Not only that, but it's in a new font and I can't use any formatting tools. Color doesn't work, and trying to use it only breaks that as well. I've refreshed the settings page multiple times, but it's still like this. I've tried copy-pasting everything from the description, only for it to have a pink highlight for some reason and the formatting tools are still broken. Should I try re-writing the entire thing from scratch in BBCode? I'm afraid It'll mess it up even worse. Is this intentional, or did I run into some crazy glitch? I guess I'll keep that little BBCode in the description.
  8. While I was making a raffle, the site kept saying that the trade failed and retried, but I opened Steam to see 8 trade notifications! I accepted one of them and all the others went bad. Scrap.tf told me the trade failed, but it actually still went through. I took some screenshots of my incoming trade history and put them together. I only screenshotted 7, but there was 8. What happened here? Is this something to be concerned about? Can it be fixed?
  9. :soldiersalute: :salute: is already a Steam emoji, unfortunately.
  10. :kirbysleep: Ain't he adorable? :3 EDIT: For some reason it's not showing up as animated. Take this: https://i.imgur.com/L230AWQ.png
  11. 1. YES! Jansmug is back! Noice is in! 2. When I originally submitted :picardfacepalm:, I named it "facepalm", but the name had to be changed because it already existed on Steam. But the new facepalm still gets added? Sure, our two Picards can coexist, but I'm confused on that.
  12. Well since no one else has made this yet, I've created a simulation of what the blue scarf would look like.
  13. https://forum.scrap.tf/topic/9305-custom-emote-suggestions/ RIP light theme users.
  14. When I was making a raffle, the inventory kept failing to load, so naturally I went to the home page and checked to see if Steam was down. Since the Christmas update, none of the info was there! Could you please add that info back to the home page? Whether Steam/trading is up or down? Thanks.
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