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  1. Don't feel bad. Win rates around this area are normal. Your win rate is actually higher than mine!
  2. Thank God for that. I hated the Hidden so much. Now if only we could get FF2 back or VSH.
  3. All unique weapons are worth half a scrap. Same with the C.A.P.P.E.R. and killstreaked weapons and some other reskins.
  4. Server 3, the trade/idle one, is unplayably laggy. • Projectiles are very slow and jerk bit-by-bit to their destination. • Somehow, the first person animations are affected. They look like stop-motion, but worse. • People are affected, too, as they also jerk around the map. • It can take a whole half-second before hits register. • Before long, you'll be teleporting all over the map with the lag. • I've noticed after trying to play on the server, my lag is horrible everywhere else I go. Coincidence? I dunno. But yeah, server 3 is a huge mess
  5. Nothing makes me feel more nostalgic than pop songs from a couple years ago.
  6. Oh, so it's not a bug? Either way, it's confusing for me.
  7. Normally, unread notifications have a white bell icon, and read ones have a black bell. Now it's the other way around! http://imgur.com/a/xtEEK I think this was after the emoticons got updates, but I don't know. Definitely some time today.
  8. I know I'm using a dead meme, but this is the only fit way I can respond.
  9. What do you mean, new way to put in emotes? :kirby: EDIT: So typing :emotehere: doesn't work anymore. Either that, or it's because it's not in the list at all for some reason. Maybe if I try something else, and if it doesn't work, oh well. EDIT ONE MORE TIME: Yeah, I'm hating this.
  10. Imagine this: You're making a raffle and decide to use a custom emoticon. You click the custom emoticon board and BOOM! The whole screen is taken up with blobs! Seriously, the blobs are freakin' huge! If I try to move the board and it snaps to the top. It gets stuck, I get screwed. So could you please fix this and make the blobs smaller? A lot smaller? Thanks. :blobblank: EDIT: Blobs don't work on the forums, apparently.
  11. You get thanks. That is all. And also tips, but don't say the word "tip" or you'll disable tips. And don't say "t1p" either, that's even worse.
  12. I have no idea how I found it, but I remember why I was using it: To work towards crafting a Headtaker. No regrets. Still my sword of choice.
  13. This is basically TF2 fashion advice. I'm curious to see other people's sense of fashion. Show me whatcha got! And we can all view and review eachother's sets! Here's mine: http://imgur.com/a/WowYp Alright, show me yours! (or some of them.)
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