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  1. Jesse, 3xlneet, other staff members, you're probably tired of seeing me here. But I can't help but wonder... You said this forum was now only for upgrades, right? So I posted my upgrades, right? They made Kirby and Meta Knight the correct proportions. So what's the problem? Is there a reason they can't be fixed? I at least want to know why that is. (Also, there are a lot of emoticons missing on the forums, that too.)
  2. I thought Jesse wasn't taking any new emotes. If that's not the case anymore, then I'd have my Kirby and Meta Knight fixes!
  3. Thank God for that. I hated the Hidden so much. Now if only we could get FF2 back or VSH.
  4. Soooo, can you take in the new Kirby and Meta Knight emotes? I'd like them to be proportionally correct, please. Please?...
  5. Yeah, that's what I meant. Make them smaller in proportion. Because Kirby and Meta Knight were 16x316, they just stretched out twice as big as Dedede, who was 32x32. You get the idea.
  6. But these are fixes! I don't want Kirby and Meta Knight to turn out huge! I want them small!
  7. Okay, so my guess as to why this is taking so long is that I NEED to resize my emoticons to 128x128. So just in case, here they are: :kirby: :kingdedede: :metaknight: If that's not the problem, and they still don't get fixed, then I don't know what to do. (Yes, I've changed them from last time. Made Kirby and Meta Knight centered) Imgur link: https://imgur.com/a/Aynsv Here's the original if you still need it (you probably don't, but just to be safe):
  8. Two questions: 1. When are my emoticons getting updated? I've submitted larger images over a month ago, and Kirby and Meta Knight are still huge. 2. Why does have its own scrap.tf emoticon? Now it's huge! I like it smaller. (I know you can get past that by using a capital C or all caps, but why is that a thing?)
  9. All unique weapons are worth half a scrap. Same with the C.A.P.P.E.R. and killstreaked weapons and some other reskins.
  10. Server 3, the trade/idle one, is unplayably laggy. • Projectiles are very slow and jerk bit-by-bit to their destination. • Somehow, the first person animations are affected. They look like stop-motion, but worse. • People are affected, too, as they also jerk around the map. • It can take a whole half-second before hits register. • Before long, you'll be teleporting all over the map with the lag. • I've noticed after trying to play on the server, my lag is horrible everywhere else I go. Coincidence? I dunno. But yeah, server 3 is a huge mess right now. Also, in response to your actual post: Yes, please get rid of the Hidden. I hate the game mode so much. Please bring back Freak Fortress 2 (or Vs. Saxton Hale, but it used to be FF2.)
  11. Nothing makes me feel more nostalgic than pop songs from a couple years ago.
  12. I don't think that'll get in. Plus, you can already do that by doing :csgogun::Csdsmile:
  13. Well, finally decided to update my older emoticons. :kirby: :kingdedede: :metaknight: All of them can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/EM6SR
  14. Oh, so it's not a bug? Either way, it's confusing for me.
  15. Normally, unread notifications have a white bell icon, and read ones have a black bell. Now it's the other way around! http://imgur.com/a/xtEEK I think this was after the emoticons got updates, but I don't know. Definitely some time today.
  16. Well, if I have to, here's a 64x64 version: :picardfacepalm: http://imgur.com/NFrCh5A Original is still here:
  17. It's good. A neat addition would be having one facing the other way, maybe on BLU. I would make it myself, but I've probably hit the suggestion limit.
  18. I know I'm using a dead meme, but this is the only fit way I can respond.
  19. Actually, make it so only rule-readers can comment in the megaraffle comment section. Believe me, it's very cancerous horrible there, and I think that could really help control it.
  20. All I want is for you to add a "!servers" command on the servers for convenience. Easily jump from one to another. That is all.
  21. What do you mean, new way to put in emotes? :kirby: EDIT: So typing :emotehere: doesn't work anymore. Either that, or it's because it's not in the list at all for some reason. Maybe if I try something else, and if it doesn't work, oh well. EDIT ONE MORE TIME: Yeah, I'm hating this.
  22. Imagine this: You're making a raffle and decide to use a custom emoticon. You click the custom emoticon board and BOOM! The whole screen is taken up with blobs! Seriously, the blobs are freakin' huge! If I try to move the board and it snaps to the top. It gets stuck, I get screwed. So could you please fix this and make the blobs smaller? A lot smaller? Thanks. :blobblank: EDIT: Blobs don't work on the forums, apparently.
  23. You get thanks. That is all. And also tips, but don't say the word "tip" or you'll disable tips. And don't say "t1p" either, that's even worse.
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