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  1. I have no idea how I found it, but I remember why I was using it: To work towards crafting a Headtaker. No regrets. Still my sword of choice.
  2. This is basically TF2 fashion advice. I'm curious to see other people's sense of fashion. Show me whatcha got! And we can all view and review eachother's sets! Here's mine: http://imgur.com/a/WowYp Alright, show me yours! (or some of them.)
  3. Hey, that's the same as me! Sometimes I replace the Milk and Fan-o-War with the Lugermorph and Holy Mackerel.
  4. You know what should be done? How do I explain this... Okay, so you have two tradable weapons. They both show up whether they're filtered or not, right? Untradable weapons don't show up on the page. So what if you have one tradable and one untradable, and click to filter the duplicates? Then it doesn't show the one tradable one. You should be able to see it when filtering for duplicates and there's an untradable weapon. I can't think of a way to sum it up into a TL;DR, so just read the whole thing.
  5. It's the opposite for me. I'm completely dependent on it if the backstab fails or I'm left in the open. Especially when I'm stuck in a 1v1. Oh, wait, isn't that how it's supposed to be used?
  6. I just think these would be very simple suggestions for the polls: 1. Number the options. That way. if the poll has all the options saying the same thing, you'll know which of that thing is voted most because it's numbered. 2. It'd be nice to know which option you picked after voting. 3. Ability to re-vote. That is all.
  7. I'm taking Captain Dickhead's advice and changing the name. Hopefully it will get accepted. :picardfacepalm: http://imgur.com/a/YrfGz Alright. Let's see this better, actually visible on the site emoticon get judged.
  8. I'd like to submit this one on MrCleb's behalf. :mrcleb: http://imgur.com/a/OWYtW Now we just wait 4 months for this to get accepted... Or denied. Hopefully not that.
  9. Ooooooooooh! That makes so much sense! And it's pretty much the same one I wanted. (Except that it's white, so it would be kinda hard to see on scrap.tf's white background)
  10. I bet that facepalm emote would've made it in if you didn't expose it. You don't know how badly I wanted that in. ;_;
  11. If only there was a way to fix these abominations known as auctions... I know! Remove them.
  12. The list of auction stereotypes can go on. Such as the, "Buying 10 for 10 refined! Only 80% Item Factor!" (That actually exists right now.)
  13. Those mother-lovin' Unusual Charmer's Chapeau-wearing, Cut-Throat Concierge-wearing, all painted cosmetics, MrPaladain fanboying, only going for the trickstabs, only going for the Amby headshots, thinking they're so good at the game, Gibus Engie Bullying, taunting with an unusual taunt after every kill, not doing the team any good, Dead Ringer-ing, tryhard, backstabbing, facestabbing, Frenchie, arrogant, edgy, complaining that the team isn't doing anything, annoying, makes me want to go rage Pyro, disguising, coward, "don't kill me I'm a Box Spy", "don't kill me I'm a Spycrab", chainstabbing, headshotting, Cloak-and-dagger-and-wait-for-their-guard-to-be-dropped-so-i-can-get-an-unfair-backstab F2P gibus pyrovision, GabeN's favorite class, fair and balanced- *Deep Kirby-styled breath in* SPIES!!! (Just imagine the Spy giving the double bird here.) ...Yeah, I don't like the Spy.
  14. Or the, "Insta-buy for exactly bp.tf price! 95% Item Factor because I can't go the full 100% for some reason!" auctions.
  15. Nobody likes them because there are rarely ever any good auctions.
  16. ...Where is it? It's invisible to me.
  17. Quick! I need to find a picture of "Cool Heavy approves"! You know, that heavy that sometimes shows up on NISLT's videos! The one that gives the thumbs up! Thanks!
  18. Oooooh, that makes sense! Comedy gold.
  19. So as you know, if you type the emote's name you get the emote. For example: typing "csdsmile" in between two ":"'s results in . But typing in an emote that doesn't exist, such as :lolxdimsooriginal:, it just turns out with a pink-and-black square. Basically the missing textures pattern in Gmod and other HL2 games. Why does this happen? Why does it show up as squares instead of ":lolxdimsooriginal:" like it does with Steam? I was just curious.
  20. I know. I was bored. Plus, I like making emotes and helping people.
  21. Here, I did one for you. :epicface: It's a different one, but still an epic face nonetheless. No need to thank me. Oh, yeah, and the image link: http://imgur.com/a/vIT6j
  22. That's what I was thinking! I wanted to sell my killstreak Half-Zatoichi, but I can't do it on auctions, sadly.
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