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  1. Smash Bros Arena is good. I would recommend that.
  2. Deathrun and prophunt would be nice. Market Garden battle??? Things I would suggest: Prophunt The HIDDEN Deathrun Market Garden Arena on Hightower Class Wars (i think this is already suggested) x10 with Crits on Hightower Thats my suggestions, I hope one of these suggestions would be picked. :))
  3. Tf2 zombies or Hightower with idle, x10, trade or randomizer. Freak Fortress x10 would be nice. The Hidden would be nice, where a spy with invincible try to kill all the players in Team RED. He has a blink power, if he stabs someone his invisibility or if he will blink his invisibility would fade shortly. He has a ton of health, with BOO power and a health and a stamina located at the bottom of the HUD. If he stabs somebody, he will regenerate a little of his health. Go watch this video here:
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