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  1. Discord Tag: Shirshimo#7177 Chrome dev tools? Not really. Experience? I've only played beta games and sent bug reports to developers if you count that as software testing. I don't think I've tested anything else but games.
  2. Here are some of my ideas for the Server, (Most of the ideas are Gmod related) Jailbreak Some kind of RPG Server - Pony RPG? Prop Hunt Mann vs. Machine (You can make it so people can play as Machine) Deathrun
  3. Engineer bots will be on difficult mode mabey? Edit: I've played on a server with 16 engi bots once, it took forever for 10 people to kill all the engis once they have built. (Even hard for spies)
  4. I didn't know Mudkip was a fire type :o

    1. Salted Pyrokip

      Salted Pyrokip

      No one did

  5. Mann vs Sentry: -Payload Map -Red team has Engineer Bots building sentries -Blu Team has real life players attacking
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