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  1. Discord Tag: PoneD#9314 Chrome dev tools? Very basic knowledge Experience? Unfortunately I do not have much experience but it is something I'm interested in.
  2. The current system only allows a certain amount of raffles to be created in one day for many reasons. (you can check how many you have on the donate page I believe) Spamming raffles to get onto the top rafflers page is the most specific one I know of.
  3. I would have put this in help&support. I believe they will make server related forums/threads soon. As far as I'm aware there is no way to "make only p2p able to use the voting system".
  4. Either I don't understand what you're trying to suggest or your mistaking scrap.tf for backpack.tf
  5. BUT SHEBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYY couldn't this lead to drama? Like (for some dumb reasons) wars between groups, people feeling left out of "the cool kids", ect.
  6. I thought this was already a feature? I might be wrong since I haven't bid in a while but last time I did I'm pretty sure it hid the items I bid on another auction.
  7. I hope they change how airblast works to make it slightly more consistent. As of now the "hitbox" for it is weird. (video demonstration of what I mean made by our lord a savior sigsegv) Seriously, after watching this I can't help but feel like I've missed airblasts that should have worked just fine. I don't know if this is because of lag compensation or the lack there of, but I think it needs to be changed.
  8. My gift giver spoke to me but my recipient didn't. However my recipient has been online and has 1,000+ hours in tf2 so I guess they just don't check scrap.tf often or something.
  9. You're looking at it. (my pfp)
  10. The only way I can think of it possibly being added is if the person could set a range of how much less the item they receive could be worth compared to their item. Which would take out the complete randomness of wonder trade.
  11. Idk might be considered gambling since items can have an actual value. People probably just wouldn't do it.
  12. I like the highest/lowest bid idea. Not sure about the most items or most views though. They might do the opposite of what you think they would by making it easier to just enter raffles with bigger prizes.
  13. There's already a filter that lets you look at one class at a time. This feature would simply be unnecessary and possibly be too complicated for the bots.
  14. PoneD


    Maybe it's because I haven't used hat banking in a while but I don't understand what you're trying to suggest. Could you possibly be more clear?
  15. Australiums are in the items page. The rest of your suggestions seem pointless.
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