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  1. link does not work, go to search and just paste this at the end of bar. https://scrap.tf/search #1|6523,440,0|6526,440,0|6527,440,0
  2. go to search bar, type kit. 3 kits are available pick each of them to get basic-spec or prof one. then change the searching area to auctions. you can find the kits that are being auctioned. https://scrap.tf/search#1|6523,440,0|6526,440,0|6527,440,0
  3. So there is a min and max amount of bids that can be applied on any auction. However some min bids are ridiculously high and in the end users create another new auction(s) with lowered min bid amounts = looping. In order to use auction system, the bidder can make a bid/offer that auction in which the owner of the auction and admins can see that offer/bid. It's up to owner to accept it or not. Lets assume owner accepted that bid, now system will change that min bid limit to current offer limit so that everyone can see it, and 5 min timer can start after that or the time can be discussed. Similar topic that might be applied on currency only auctions too. You can say, "there is a comment section in auctions, so if anyone up for anything they can talk over there or even on steam". However people are lazy or just me, its way easier to take actions (sending offers) instead of spending time to negotiate. I don't know if this was suggested before or i managed to mention i wanted to mean. Any thoughts?
  4. its like auto-bidding/trading. i don't think this will be applied and seems not fair. if you want to buy something, you need to check.
  5. he said he was scammed before that auction " already got scammed my whole inventory. The Only Thing i had left was a bills hat and that is now also Lost " it's useless to report the guy who won the auction
  6. Report the guy who scammed you (steamrep), provide proofs etc. Sadly those skins worth almost nothing, there are some sellers @ bp.tf asking 1 ref to 1.33 ref. try selling them @ tf2mart but as you can guess that auction was pretty bad for you as you accepted items %100 price (what bp.tf said) in reality prices are not like that
  7. Ask 3 Clean Golden Pans for it. If offering in unusuals, then 3*1500k in unu. As people are asking that much for their golden pans.. Basicly ask %50 overpay in items. From your friendlist, first 4 people can afford your hat for now as it seems. http://backpack.tf/u/76561198152076173 Rest of them don't have enough to offer. About wayne, check youtube. Refrain trading with him for your sake.
  8. my problem is fixed. sorry to bother.. i think i should give some time to storage bots.
  9. 2nd problem again. Now here: https://scrap.tf/auctions/02AC4L Also min bid was 2 keys. 1 key = 22 ref, 4-5 days ago. As the key:ref ratio changed, min bid prices were changed too..
  10. 2nd problem. My auction: https://scrap.tf/auctions/13KDSV SS: blob:http://imgur.com/30988cd3-6584-4ef9-b52a-5dd47cb5d2f1
  11. yeah. scrap.tf was buying 21.88 and selling 22 ref for 1 key. now 22.22 / 22.33, that affected the prices of auctions too. min bid was 2 keys, someone offered 44 refs and now https://scrap.tf/auctions/02AC4L
  12. As you said those bugs should be fixed. but.. if you are banking items, scrap.tf does not count spells, paints, strange parts while buying or selling. if you are hat banking, scrap.tf does not count spells, paints while buying or selling. about the skin you are looking to buy, i think bots price skinned weapons if there are enough sellers on market. so there might be no-one that is selling that said skin therefore bot can not price and sell it. i tried to sell some of my painted hats and i was not able to see paints on them. so yeah we have some bugs need to be fixed. at past you were able to see everything, parts, paints, spells etc.
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