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  1. he said he was scammed before that auction " already got scammed my whole inventory. The Only Thing i had left was a bills hat and that is now also Lost " it's useless to report the guy who won the auction
  2. Report the guy who scammed you (steamrep), provide proofs etc. Sadly those skins worth almost nothing, there are some sellers @ bp.tf asking 1 ref to 1.33 ref. try selling them @ tf2mart but as you can guess that auction was pretty bad for you as you accepted items %100 price (what bp.tf said) in reality prices are not like that
  3. Ask 3 Clean Golden Pans for it. If offering in unusuals, then 3*1500k in unu. As people are asking that much for their golden pans.. Basicly ask %50 overpay in items. From your friendlist, first 4 people can afford your hat for now as it seems. http://backpack.tf/u/76561198152076173 Rest of them don't have enough to offer. About wayne, check youtube. Refrain trading with him for your sake.
  4. you cant tell if they are afk or not. almost every weekend steam api goes offline that makes trading almost impossible. i think users just join queue without checking steam gauges "https://steamgaug.es/" as a result you can see 160 people in one bot.. as bot can't send a trade offer, even it managed to send one you can not accept it. also as you said as the amount of people increases in queue, bots cant handle i guess..
  5. actually no. people don't want to sell their keys for 21.22 ref. you can't find out 21.44 ref (scrap.tf sells that much) from anyone either. use your imagination to get keys
  6. tf2 upgrade to premium gift: if you are not concerned about upgrading your steam account (there are f2p steam accounts too, actually steam accounts with limits) then there is an easy (eh kinda) - free way to upgrade your tf2 account. but first you need to find a guy who is willing to trade with you. as you are f2p now you can't trade but you can receive gifts from other people (they can have f2p too as long as someone gifted them a upgrade to premium gift in tf2) so you need a friend who is already p2p or f2p friend with premium gift. anyway, this will take time but my account was f2p. i used upgrade to premium gift to become p2p. what did i do? i've collected weapons, lucky random drops, some items with genuine quality etc.. traded those with my friend to get p2p gift. 1st way: collect weapons to make refined metal (2 weeks > 1 ref) guess this is the only chance to get ~45 ref takes a lot of time 2nd way: luck... joining - winning raffles, tf2 random item drops etc. (3 years ago i got a high 5 worth 2 keys at that time) orange box: well you can also buy orange box gift. i don't know the exact price right now, its probably expensive. sometimes steam lowers the price, so you can buy it cheaper with your refs- keys from sellers. use tf2outpost to find sellers and price of it.
  7. 1) check bp.tf listings, people pay more than scrap.tf does so less sellers 2) scrap.tf sells keys kinda cheaper than other sellers + bots do the job for you (adding the stuff) so people prefer buying from scrap.tf
  8. check forum, there is already an answer for this question. scrap.tf offers less and sells less than bp.tf price when it comes to unsuuals. you should check tf2op or bp.tf for better prices
  9. well lol, did not check the post date. 4 months old. kinda ashamed. also cant find the edit option..
  10. two options: anything that is ugly, any hat as long as creator was bribed besides that, bone dome (hype), bicorne (possibly), condor cap (possibly), stove pipe, juju slightly return (possibly) etc. pick an unusual https://backpack.tf/unusuals go to steam workshop>discussions or comments to check https://steamcommunity.com/app/440/workshop/
  11. if you are talking about scraplebeian, then your answer is here.
  12. ok. which bot? or admins have to use their magical powers to find it?
  13. Honestly i thought you were advertising stn.tf (and i really dont know if you created this topic with that intention). Anyway tbh it looks bad on sellers (your side) but all users should know what they are selling and hence the price of it. For instance scrap.tf does not pay bp.tf prices for vintage-gen. or painted hats, killstreak weapons etc. What you are going to hear is, " We're a pawn shop, and if you don't like it, then please, use backpackTF." reference:
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