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  1. I'm not gay, but Brock is the hottest person to ever exist...

    1. Salted Pyrokip

      Salted Pyrokip

      Speedwagon is hotter than Brock

    2. ๐ŸŒAdine๐ŸŒ


      No, Brock is you uncultured swine!!!

  2. Eh, been long. I guess they really don't like the idea or this form is so invisible to the admins .-.
  3. Jeez, it's been quite quiet here. I guess the devs are trying to implement it or they are considering it. Anyways, just excited to see if this comes in. You do have a point. And honestly, it would just be forcing rafflers to make premium raffles every week or something.
  4. Sort of like that. But maybe make the raffles so only good items like things that are 5+ keys can be raffle to keep it fair. And there will be a whole "Subscribed raffles" section for people who subscribed to the raffler with the special raffles.
  5. Now I just got another idea! People can also subscribe for a certain amount "like a refined" so rafflers can raffle to only those people who subscribed to them. They'd have to have made some good raffles before they can get the subscriber option though (for example, they have raffled something over 10 keys in a single raffle before.)
  6. That's why I feel as if they should have something where it's like begging for tips. If they ask for a follow in their raffle, the option will be removed to do so. Though I'd suggest scrap.tf to do it manually as some may just be asking for a follow/watch on something like Twatter or DeviantAurt. Oh, and if it wasn't clear in my sentence, it has to be a manual follow within the raffle. Or, maybe something where a Super Donor (Super Premium) can get follows on their profile for people going to it. Just a few more ideas to this.
  7. I do have some follower badges done as well. They will need to be edited a bit though. 10 followers: 25 followers: 50 followers: 100 followers: 500 followers: 1000 followers: 5000 followers: 10,000 followers: Some sort of burning flames badge. 50,000 followers: Some sort of scorching flames badge. 100,000+ followers: Some sort of nebula badge.
  8. Since there are a lot of people who like specific raffle users (hence why there's a "Well Respected Raffler" badge) and a lot of people make series raffles, I thought it would be nice to have an option next to the tip and report options where you can follow a raffle and get separate notifications when a raffler raffles, and on the raffle page, it will display current raffles from people you follow separately from all other raffles like it would when you make a raffle and it displays yours above all others. There can also be a badge for highly followed users and a counter for how many followers a user has. It's just a little suggestion I have, that is all.
  9. :adinefacepalm: :adinethink: :skeptical: Edit: Sorry, I forgot to scale .-.
  10. Every month isn't too bad. Unless if something important is going on...
  11. So I use scrap a lot, but don't get into the community as much. When I started a raffle I suggested a tip because I started a scrap to unusual, but that breaks a rule and I forgot. It has been a long while since I've read the rules and most of the time once I finish reading the rules I feel like, "Okay, now I know the rules, I don't need to read them anymore." Honestly, you wouldn't expect someone to read the rules again after reading them. It's like a Summer Reading Project, you wouldn't read the book over and over again just so you could remember it (unless you decide on placing sticky notes.) So I decided to request a change in services, every month you have to read the rules in order to continue services. I can already feel people saying, "This is a good idea, but it takes too long." The fact is it should only take 2 minutes out of your life to make sure you're following the rules. An admin also maybe saying, "When ever we change the rules, you are required to read them." I just wanna ask you admins, how long has it been since the last rule change? Like about 3 months? There should also be a thing where you change where you have to click in order to say you ACTUALLY read the rules. Yes, I know I should've read the rules often, but honestly, I don't think even one the admins go on daily and say, "Alright, it's time to read the rules..." Heck, I'd go as far as to say Obama doesn't read the law everyday, though he may have to check every month just to be safe. So if this suggestion is stupid, then fine. It's just my suggestion so people wont slip up when they go on.
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