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  1. With the Auctions format being wrong as a whole, resembling more a site like BackpackTF where you list your items for, say, 95-100% of market value, free advertising for Auctions hardly differs from free advertising for trades. Perhaps that's a problem with both people and the way the site made Auctions work.
  2. Basically all Pyro ever does is check for Spies around the Engineer and airblast Ubercharges for about 1.5 seconds, the time it takes for a Pyro to get slaughtered by an Ubered enemy who will then proceed to mow down the rest of the team unless they've wised up and ran for their lives. But hey, at least it's a Gibus-friendly class with w+m1 right? Really though, Pyro has no specific role to play. It supports a support class and that's all.
  3. The system that says "hello there, little user. I see you have failed to deliver your items due to something completely out of your power. You are now banned for life". That's... not a great way to sort people who deserve and don't deserve to be in the event, don't you think? As for the Steam app and escrow, yeah, there's that, a broken thing that brings nothing but an occasional headache, but that's not ScrapTF's fault.
  4. I wouldn't know because I'm banned. See the problem here? I wouldn't know how it works because, despite wanting to participate, I can't thanks to a flawed system that could be better
  5. Why can't we just have a bot for Secret Santa? People trade in their items and they only get an item if they give one. We wouldn't know whose was the gift we received but I can see a bunch of "thanks whoever gave me this" raffles, which would be interesting. There would be no way people would give without giving unless there's an odd number of gifts, and that's impossible to control. I don't know if that's possible but I'm throwing it out there. This might not even be the right place to post this. If it isn't then please redirect me to the right place or just quote me on this idea
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