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  1. emz tv

    New Raffles

    1. Wrong place buddy, this is a suggestion. 2. You can't make a quest.
  2. An option before buying something from banking to put it into a raffle. It will then redirect you if you picked that option into the "create raffle" screen with the items preselected.
  3. Outlast 2? Was pretty popular and probably still is.
  4. Maybe there should be an option where you can raffle something after you buy it, so it can reduce time on what we have to do.
  5. Hm.. couldn't they increase chances for those who contributed?
  6. Awesome idea! Maybe we could separate certain ranks with each other, or maybe make some rules you have to verify to enter. *wink*
  7. It could be a good idea! However, wouldn't it take some time to make some icons? Even then, it sounds good! It shouldn't really be for just beating 1 puzzle though, it should be like "puzzle master" with somethin like 100 puzzles to reward the brainiest.
  8. So, I'm pretty happy with the new Megaraffle! However, I find something wrong with it. It lets everyone join. I'm thinking that maybe it should go like this: to enter the megaraffle, you need to donate at least something 1 ref or up. I just kinda find it unfair that a bunch of people pitch in to raffle off their coolest things and then someone just takes it and doesn't care. I'm thinking this might be a bit weird, but cmon! Who's with me?
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