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  1. It doesn't look optimized to me. Since an update to the website in October, some text was offset from buttons, some raffle titles were glitched, and the time left text is inside of the raffle title. I have Android 4.4.4 KitKat, and I use chrome as browser (newest version).
  2. That may be a bad idea. People will spam bid at the last second.
  3. Another little idea: Being able to see if the item is duped or not, and being able to see if the item is clean or not.
  4. Cool idea! I would like it if you can see if it's clean or not.
  5. The first idea (Being able to sort auctions by newest and time left) may cause people to spam-bid the auctions that are about to end btw
  6. Here is an example of Auction Rules. Malthe_Dude got community-banned for posting a link to his auction in his raffle, but there were no rules about posting your auctions. NOTE: There are rules about it now.
  7. Hello, I have some ideas for Auctions. Here they are: Being able to sort auctions by newest and time left (This may be a bad idea because people may spam-bid at the last second), Instantly trade the items from the Create Auction page (like raffles) instead of the site inventory, Auction Rules, Auction Win and Outbid notifications at the top of the page (like when you won a raffle), A notification at the top of the page (like when you won a raffle) telling the maker of the Auction that he needs to withdraw the items he got from the bidder of his Auction that ended, Polls in Auctions (for example: What should I sell next? (Random answers here) or What do you think of auctions (Answers: Fantastic, Good, Meh, Bad, Terrible)), Being able to see the items Original ID because with that you can see if the item is duped/clean or not, and Auction Stats on profiles (like Auctions Entered, Auctions Created and Auctions Won). These were my ideas for Auctions and I hope they will be added soon.
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