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  1. I support this. Now, you may say "But you can just fix these prices through backpack.tf suggestions!". Well, that my be true for most items, but not genuine and strange parts. Everytime I suggest a new price, it takes a while to get accepted (~1 week), and it only takes a few days for the market price to change. Their prices are extremely unstable.
  2. As said, scrap.tf supports auction sniping.
  3. Then it's their fault for being new.
  4. Make a suggestion to correct the item's prices. Also: There was a case of someone tricking people to buy their items at a very high price by putting a buy order higher than theirs. Then when the item is bought, they immediately removed the buy order. He's banned now. This same case can happen with it.
  5. Well if you ask me, the name makes you ask what it does. I'd suggest renaming it.
  6. Mate. Tap that three dots on the top right corner. Found it? Tapped it? Now find "Request desktop site" and tap it. scroll down/up if necessary. Problem solved.
  7. Oh yeah. You could just pick from a list of options.
  8. Almost all browsers, including your mobile browser, has this feature. You can bookmark any websites with it. The second most bottom left button in your screenshot is the bookmark button if it isn't the reader mode button.
  9. Uhhh... it doesn't take a littlest bit of effort to sign up to scrap.tf forum and joining the chatroom. And you don't lose anything anyways. Aside from a few seconds of your life and a cent worth of electricity.
  10. Already suggested before, and rejected. If something is overpriced, create a price suggestion on backpack.tf and insult the bidder
  11. Woh you necro'd this thread. But well it's good anyways so..................
  12. Yeeeaaaah you just proved this suggestion bad yourself; It is highly unlikely for people to report on them, because why would they report for getting something good?
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