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  1. (That's not how you spam the forums...) Rule 34 Wikipedia has the answer. Through pollination.
  2. Try making this thread on steam discussions.
  3. There's a reason why burning flames is the most expensive.
  4. Forgot to report this bug. For any quests relating to creating raffles or making a weapon trade, you don't actually NEED to do them. You don't need to trade the items for the raffle, so you can just cancel it. You don't need to actually trade the weapons, you just need to make a trade.
  5. *Gets into a confused state where one does not know who's wrong* Well, just import it to a spray. Done!
  6. I was browsing game banking, where I stumbled upon this mysterious game with the AppID 753(Inspect Elements, doh). It has no title, no picture, no anything and costs 0.33 ref. When I tried to buy it, the bot simply couldn't send the trade offer without any reason. When I tried to look it up on steam, There is no such thing with the AppID 753. So what is this?
  7. Where's the fun in being friendly? Nobody likes friendlies.
  8. First of all, Everyone wants to make money. You can't expect people to be generous you know. Second, The reason why keys are rising because there are EXTREMELY HIGH DEMANDS for it. There is a way, which is to convince every single of those-who-likes-to-unbox-so-much to stop. Which is nearly impossible unless you become the 2nd Stalin.
  9. Auction and bots Inventory: It means that the item is stored in different bots, you can only withdraw/create an auction with the items with the same numbers. To "bypass" this, withdraw all your items one-by-one-by-each-same-circle, then deposit it all at once. Raffles: It is grouped for multiple winners, Example: If a Back Scatter and a Noise maker has the circle with "I" in it and a Rescue Ranger has the circle with "II" in it, then The first winner will get the Back Scatter and a Noise maker, and the second winner will get a Rescue Ranger. Please post this in help & support. And please ONLY post if your answer is not answered in the Help Section. It can be accessed through that big and obvious button with the word "Help" in it.
  10. Then. Sell. Your. Items. Individually. You. Lazy. User. Or. Maybe. Suspend. Your. Weapon. With. Spell. And. There. Is. An. Option. To. Only. Show. Duplicates. That. You. Want. To. Sell.
  11. When I tried to sell my weapons, It will always assign me to a bot with a full backpack. Resulting in a trade error. I tried this like, 8 times; It still assigns me to a bot with a full backpack.
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