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  1. The STN bot that was banned as said above was definitely run by the owner. The other account with the profile picture that said "Goto STN.scam for Keys" seems fishy as well, What's the chance that 2 STN related accounts would be continually using the banking system at once for 10 mins? STN has always been a dodgy site, first directly copying its layout [from scrap.tf] and design and now this. It only promotes itself from backpack.tf classifieds and has slow (and banned) bots. How can you call yourself reputable when 2 of your bots were straight up banned by Steam!
  2. STN were using spambots to stop people using key banking by filling the bots with keys and flooding the queue just yesterday. Links: Here and here
  3. *adding onto this idea* When making your raffle you can select the category of which items you want with tabs (TF2, CS:GO, Dota and Steam). The Site Inventory tab could be added there. Problem is, the Site inventory storage bots work differently to the Raffle storage bots. The site inventory space is precious and the ould be a mix-up between aution and raffle items. It's a bit unnecessary.
  4. Ever since the Auctions feature was implemented a lot of bots have been noticeably more empty. I see lots of people buying items from the bots and immediately auctioning them, especially Unusuals. This shouldn't be allowed as it reduces the number of items in the bots and stops people finding their items. For example, that 11 Key unusual that was in the bots is now being auctioned for 15-20 keys with some stranges/hats etc making much harder if you just wanted that unusual. Once an item has been bought from the bots, there should be a length of time where it can't be put up for auction (12 or 24 hours). When trying to deposit the items in the site inventory for an auction this error could come up: Maybe it could give an alternative warning like this when trying to deposit:
  5. For example, The Cranial Carcharodon. There are tonnes of Halloween 2016 Effects but no other effects. Surely because they can still be unboxed and can no longer be a 2016 unusual the must be some 1/2/3 gen effects for it (correct me if I'm wrong)?
  6. Every time I go to buy keys there are always 2 or 3 bots with names (as shown below) advertising the site. That's possibly the worst advertising ever. It delayed me from trading with the bot for half an hour and they filled the bot up so I couldn't sell my keys. It went from like 20 keys in the bot to 99 in a few mins. This needs to be stopped.
  7. Last year before November there were TONS of Assasin, commando and even elite grade skins in strange/festive qualities. Nowadays there's no strange/festives and barely any commandos, the odd Assasin and no elites! It's mostly crap civilian grades and some mercs! What happened?
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