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  1. It's great to find someone who also played the old R&C's, really. And yeah Up Your Arsenal is awesome, but for me it can't be compared to Going Commando. UyA felt a lil bit more... Childish? I don't know how to explain it at all but yeah it's kind of that, and I'm talking about the 10 y/o me. GC felt like more serious stuff, for example it used to give me that 'butterflies in my stomach' feeling everytime I was just about to face new boss. That's something that UyA didn't get to create on me at all... Well excepting that one planet called Koros I think, which was hard as fuck. I consider the graphics were also better in GC, the scenery in general looked much fresher to me. About the OST, it comes to the same thing. UyA sountracks were great, but GC ones were better in general to me. I'd say these are my favourites from both games, who it's hard choose just a few:
  2. Ah alright, thanks @Lukiday 🐈. :-)
  3. Alright @Ezekiel. Could I know the reason why it was rejected? Thanks beforehand.
  4. Hello. I've came up with an idea which I think it could be useful. First of all, I personally think it would be really easy for someone to get this idea, so I've searched around the forums for a suggestion like this, filtering with words like "chance", "calculator" and related stuff, and scrolling up and down the first pages of each. I'm still here, so ovbiously I didn't find anything. But, if my search failed and there's already a suggestion (accepted or rejected) looking forward to this idea, please forgive me and remove this topic So, my idea would be to add a total winning chance number, showing the chance to win something (any raffle or raffles), counting all the raffles that you are in at the moment. That is, if I've entered 3 raffles, one with a 1% winning chance, another with a 0.5% and another with a 0.8%, there would be a little box somewhere around the raffles page showing my total probability of winning something. In this case, it would be: 1 + 0.5 + 0.8, which is 2.3% chance of winning. In simple terms, it's just a box showing how much probability of getting something or not you have, regardless of which raffle or item (or not, that's up to you actually). Personally, I would place it here. Let me know what you think of this, I personally think that people would like it and see it useful. Again, if something like this has already been suggested or it already exists (here on at any other page), please let me know and remove this topic. Thanks!
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