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  1. genessee


    You should close this thread, then. Banning instantly from raffles for just saying 'tip' is extremely harsh, period.
  2. genessee


    That seems really, really harsh. I think just not being able to tip on the raffle is punishment enough.
  3. :scaredbird: :happybird: :deadbird: I know I'm supposed to keep it to one emote a post, but I really, really wanted to put them all up.
  4. I'm not a professional at pricing items in TF2, but here's my two cents; While the strange clock does make it worth something, because it is both field-tested and mercenary grade I wouldn't price it at an especially high price. If you really, really want to get rid of it, try selling it for around 15ish refined. Otherwise hold onto it or wait for Scrap.tf to price it. Again, I'm not a professional at pricing stuff so take this with a grain of salt. Hope I could help.
  5. You can sell a blood botkiller scattergun on Backpack.tf for 1.3 keys ( 1 key and 14-ish refined ). Afterwards, it really depends on what you do with the money. You can buy a couple of neat-looking scatterguns if you want to replace your old one. In my opinion, a Factory New Plaid Potshotter Scattergun ( 3.44 ref ) looks really cool. Or you could just get a warpaint and a strange scattergun and slap them together if you want to still have a strange scattergun. You could hold onto the key and hope that key price gets raised a bit, but from what I've seen the price has been around 40 refined for a key for a while now, so good luck with that if you decide to go that route. You can also buy a pretty hefty pile of craft-hats and low-value hats with 1.3 keys, so if theres a low-value hat that you think would look cool on your guy, you can do that too. Hope I could help. EDIT: Ouch, I'm a month late. Sorry for the necro.
  6. Engineer. It's so satisfying to have an idiot scout walk into your sentry three times in a row. Plus, it's one of the classes that you can't really switch off of until either your sentry nest gets destroyed or you're playing battle engineer.
  7. Demoman, by a long shot. I usually forget he's even a class until there's one sticky-spamming on point. Also, because I suck at landing pipes.
  8. As you probably know, there are Festive skins in TF2. Your Skin Bot buys these skins for the same price as an average skin, and so nobody sells their festive skins to you. However, when somebody DOES end up selling a festive skin to you, it is sold almost immediately. Here is what I suggest: Festive Skins sell/buy for more. How much is your choice. Have a subsection in each bot for festive skins, similar to the hat bots. (Basic Craft, Value Craft, Strange Hats) This would get you more money and have the users be happier with the skin bots.
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