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  1. It seems this sub-forum is dead, so lets breathe some life into it, shall we? First off, this new patch seems to have changed the very fundamentals of balance once more, not only targeting heroes, but reworking everything from creep mechanics and the map itself once more. Thought I have some concerns for some items, maybe even heroes that seem to me IMHO come off as potentially op. I am too tired to share opinions atm, but I would like to hear yours.
  2. I found it one day typing "!scrapbanking" on a trade server one time.
  3. Greetings, I have decided to make myself apart of these forums.

    1. zo
    2. Ezekiel Wedlin

      Ezekiel Wedlin

      Hey there! Enjoy your stay!

  4. Hmm,I haven't been on these forums yet, I'll be sure to..look around...

  5. Upgrade all the Tech in my house(My Computer the most!), New Car. Add fixures to my backyard and blow what's left on TF2 and become the richest account with no effort whatsoever.
  6. I'm new here, I hope I'll enjoy my stay!
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new here!

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