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  1. I was able to craft some items from the merasmissions. If the item is from 2013 or 2011 or haunted quality it is not craftable. If it is from 2012 or 2014 it is. (I have not yet seen if the 2010 masks are craftable). i dont like the way the rewards are doled out, as I don't want most of the rewards, just want to finish my 2011 sets, and trying to finish my 2013 collection (2 left). I would really prefer that the contracts not be map or boss specific... give me 5 boss contracts, 15 non map specific contracts (or similar #s) and let me do multiple contracts at once.
  2. Precipice seems like a mistake, a decent red team will be able to stop anything but a high quality, coordinated blue team every time barring some unexpected series of events. I really do not like how contracts work in casual mode. Once a team takes a lead, there's little motivation to help win the match, it becomes more important to let the match end so contracts can be finalized, however once people complete a contract they'd leave if it didn't require a round end so what do you do. Autobalance is not fairly done IMO. I get thrown into matches that end all the time. It detracts significantly from what used to be a fun time.
  3. i wish there was an event, i wanna earn a new badge
  4. The recent price changes with metal I think adds a new wrinkle to this. Those bots from STN (and here) and other bot sellers ended up with a huge stockpile of keys and started dumping them at lower and lower prices (though we only saw a drop of not quite 5 refined before it ended). It's been about a week and prices are already up 2 refined. I expect prices will go back up and hit 30 and beyond. Pyro update should be out before the summer sale and when that drops, that should affect key prices but unless new weapons come out or valve introduces something requiring crafting of metal (like the breadbox event) I don't expect to see a drop in key prices. The summer sale is probably the next time we'll see anything creating pressure on keys as people sell keys for steambucks to buy games (and trading cards).
  5. Unless valve does something to make metal useful to use in crafting, it has no real value to it and the price of keys will go up in refined more and more. Eventually sellers will have a hard time finding buyers and we might hit some apex eventually, but it would not likely crash to where the price would come down significantly. I think key sellers would just rely on the marketplace instead of seeing the price in refined drop down to below the current prices we see now.
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