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  1. Anime

    Free anime

    Free anime streams


    Wait this isn't google...

  2. Singing in the shower [X]

    Dancing in the shower [X]

    Extreme gymnastics in the shower [√]

  3. Saw a garden spider in my shower cubicle at home.


    The gym has nice showers. Lucky for me since I'll be using them more often.

  4. Likely up to Geel or whoever works in the backend bot area. Again this was just a suggestion so if you want possible change, send them this thread.
  5. Go complain to the dev who does work on the bots then :^) link them this fourm thread thingy.
  6. You'd likely know that you've joined a queue for a trade so really idk how having your browser closed after entering the trade queue would affect the price of fish. It's not really a needed feature anymore.
  7. With the new steam UI, the bots keep sending snnoying message that I really don't need. I can't block the bots because then I can't trade with them, but I just don't like hearing the steam notification sound each time I do something bot related, so really I just suggest that the bot's no longer send people messages.
  8. If you're your brain, then you are inside your skeleton, no?

    1. Chemoeum


      I can confirm this is true

    2. ☈uffcrane No_Trigger
    3. MangoStarco


      Congratulations, you now have a biology major.

  9. I don't even like Hallowe'en. Any kids come knocking on my door? I tell them to **** off.

    1. JasonTheJourneyMan


      I got ding dong ditched might actually attack the next ditcher.

  10. I don't know what's on my mind. Maybe blood 'er somethin'?

  11. How about when an offer is sent, there is some sort of security code (A bit like what bitskins does) just incase a fake bot impersonator sends an offer at the same time? For example, if your making a raffle with an expensive item, you get sent an offer by 2 bots, since you don't know which is the real one, you decline them both and have to waste more time trying again. Just an idea...
  12. Ah thanks. http://i.imgur.com/uSO6Kgp.png much better ^.^ thx cap'n
  13. Passive self-promotion, with an emote :servant: OR :corona: I tried to make it transparent but I bet I have butchered it. http://i.imgur.com/RTgwU3v.jpg
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